Sunday, February 21, 2010


picture from my grad trip in BC at the gardens :)

hellooooo! how is everyone? its SOO gorgeous out today, like super mild and sunny and warm and just...ahh it makes me so happy. i went out for a walk just now and almost cried i have no idea how the weather is so lovely now like im used to snow and wind and grossness. and it made my like giddy, and lately for some reason i've been a bit sad. like not to be a downer, but i haven't been too happy and this just made me feel happy inside and its sort of a rare feeling for me so i was surprised. yesterday my brother and i went to pick up my cat and bring her home, as my parents have been away and left her with a friend. i was so happy to see her omg i love her honestly she's like my child :P and last night my brother brought his girlfriend over and they made dinner...while i watched aha i had already eaten and they didnt end up finishing till like ten. and i was so tired since i'd been up since like 4 ish basically with my flight and with the small timechange i was basically in a daze last night and ended up going to bed like after 12 pretty much. then i woke up early...but yea i want to go to bed early tonight. anyway, i hope everyone had a great weekend. xox


  1. enjoy the gorgeous weather girlie!
    <3 this post, so uplifting. so glad you had a joyful day ;p hope you equally will love your upcoming week, and every day for that matter! xx

  2. thank you so much amanda you're lovely :) and have an amazing week okay? xox