Sunday, February 28, 2010


hello everyone :) :) hope your weekends are going well. i flew back to university last night, sad. when my parents were driving me to the airport we were discussion how many weeks i had left and i was CONVINCED it was 5, and then they kept saying i had 6 left. so i miss-counted :( i just pretended i didn't hear them.

today i had oatbran, i have no fresh food since i was on break so no milk or yogurt or anything, so i thought this would be best:

- oatbran
- banana
- 8 almonds ish
- cinnamon
- ginger
- a bit of toasted berry crisp on top, just had it for the first time yesterday
- tbsp wheat germ
- coffeeee

so I must go grocery shopping, and i guess start doing homework again. its sort of gross out today, ahh when we landed there was so much fog yesterday in the city that i go to school in so everyone was like looking out the window and we couldn't see anything and all of a sudden we landed and it was like wtf where did that come from :P

anyway, talk to you all later <3 xox

Friday, February 26, 2010


hey lovelies :) how is everyone? today's breakfast was another themed bowl...BANANA PB OATS :) inspired by this lovely lady...oh and this one too, though i tweaked it and didn't put jam, i love banana and pb sandwiches

- steel cut oats
- 1/2 a banana
- tons of cinnamon, ginger, tiny bit nutmeg
- 10 almonds :)
- few squares whole grain cereal
- *surprise
- bit of skim

*so funny slash embarrassing dumb story, i was eating the oats and found these like balls of dark stuff and i was like wtf i didn't put currents in them and was wondering whether i should not eat it, but i just took them out wondering what was going on...thinking about what i put in the bowl earlier, then i remembered that i put a bit of muffin while i cooked the oats aha, one with bran and wheat and currents and stuff so then it all made sense :) ahaaaa im such a tard


im supposed to meet a friend for starbucks in a few, hope she makes it here with the weather out, see you all later <3 xox

Thursday, February 25, 2010

these are a few of my favourite things

hey loveliesss :) hope you're having a wonderful day. i decided to make this post a bit different, and show photos of things that make me happy. i only have a few days left of my break and then it back to school, and away from home :( but i'll be back in a little over a month so it's not an eternity.

see you later <3 xox

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my first themed breakfast bowl

hey lovelies :):) i made a proper themed breakfast today which is exciting, it was titled, "apple-pie oats" and contained:

- steel cut oats (1/3-1/2 cup)
- water
- cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg
- tbsp currants on top
- 10 or so almonds
- few tbsp muesli/crunchy oats
- bit of skim on top
- chopped crispin apple


I don't know if i like apples in oatmeal now, it made it less sweet when it cooked though the apple was really sweet before im not sure hmm

i was talking non stop last night and this morning as my parents arrived, its so weird whenever i see them after being away at university i talk for a while and start to lose my voice aha but yea, woke up pretty early this morning and couldn't fall back asleep so im tired. i have a film screening tonight for a school assignment, its called "Last Train Home" and I think I'm going with my mom, and the director is supposed to introduce it so i think thats pretty cool :P

i don't have many days left of my break :( sad. but i just have like 5 more weeks of school including exams and then im done.

random outfit pictures from yesterday hehe

hope everyone has a great day xox

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so i've enjoyed being home, and although i am alone since my parents dont get back till tonight, and i love having my cat, it will be nice to be in my house with my family before i have to go back to uni this weekend.


a mixture of cold cereal (wheat square things, oat bran squares, tbsp. or so of muesli)
some sliced banana added afterward
and my vitamin C chewables :P

coffee :)

pre-breakfast bowl, Beatrix potter from when i was a 'lil thang

im supposed to have lunch or something with a friend today though i'm not sure if its confirmed, so we shall see. and my parents come back tonight, so that's exciting. hope you have wonderful days xox <3

Monday, February 22, 2010

spoke too soon

winter's come again. ahh its snowing like crazy today. :( oh well, but honestly i jinxed it...usually that doesn't happen here and where i go to uni its like nice one day and the complete opposite the next. i hope my parents still fly back tomorrow night without any troubles.


I found the camera...and bought some batteries. wooooop :D i know you're really excited (aha), so i'll just get to it:

pm snack

outfit...aha no not today

obsession...third time maybe?


i hope you are all having better weather than we are xox <3

oh ps if anyone knows how to use liquid eyeliner. umm...yes how? i just got some and have never used this kind and i would love advice.

pss fun story, okay while i was out in the storm today i walked near a traffic light and stopped to wait and this older ish lady looked at me and was like, "do YOU like this snow?"...i replied, "hmm, only at Christmas i guess, though its not too bad" and she went, "ooooo but we didn't have much did we" and then became all giddy and said, "im going to florida next week yeee" and hopped a bit, ahaha so cute and when the light changed i looked at her and smiled and she said, "good bye dearie", aww :) lovely lady there. AND also i found a huge selection of larabars at a health food store, like i had assumed we didnt get more than like 3 flavours in Canada since i'd only seen a few at normal grocery stores but yeaaaayyyy exciting exciting exciting. okay now im really going xox <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010


looove what these girls are wearing :) for dakota's sweet sixteen celebration. hope everyone had a nice day, just a few photos. im trying to find a camera in the house and hopefully i can take some pictures of food perhaps...but for now a few of these

(all credit to

see you later xox <3


picture from my grad trip in BC at the gardens :)

hellooooo! how is everyone? its SOO gorgeous out today, like super mild and sunny and warm and just...ahh it makes me so happy. i went out for a walk just now and almost cried i have no idea how the weather is so lovely now like im used to snow and wind and grossness. and it made my like giddy, and lately for some reason i've been a bit sad. like not to be a downer, but i haven't been too happy and this just made me feel happy inside and its sort of a rare feeling for me so i was surprised. yesterday my brother and i went to pick up my cat and bring her home, as my parents have been away and left her with a friend. i was so happy to see her omg i love her honestly she's like my child :P and last night my brother brought his girlfriend over and they made dinner...while i watched aha i had already eaten and they didnt end up finishing till like ten. and i was so tired since i'd been up since like 4 ish basically with my flight and with the small timechange i was basically in a daze last night and ended up going to bed like after 12 pretty much. then i woke up early...but yea i want to go to bed early tonight. anyway, i hope everyone had a great weekend. xox

Saturday, February 20, 2010

home :)

so i had a super early flight this morning, and i made it back alive wooop. but i started feeling really sick and i hate that. boo :( anyway, before that I was surprisingly happy today, not sure if its because i got home. but i was trying on clothing to figure out what i would give away and found that like a lot of things i didn't want to because they didn't look too awful, pretty rare too. like usually it all looks bad but i found myself not to displeased with things, not perfect with them obviously. just thought i'd share. and i'm going to try to post some of my eats during my break okay????? OKAY :D talk to you later xox

Friday, February 19, 2010


classes for now till after the break, and i leave tomorrow! hope you've had great weeks. aha no one is reading i don't think but just in case :P xox

Thursday, February 18, 2010

this ain't no romance novel, it's just a sweet potatah

DOOONE until after my break :) finished my stuff today, for exams and tests. and I leave on Sat morning bright and early, maybe not bright yet :P

this morning I had oatbran, banana, wheatgerm, a few kashi organic harvest cinnamon squares, skim on top, and yogurt with honey and spices...and coffee, i guess it sort of looked like this though not as gorgeous:

this isn't even oatbran but it's a beautiful photo. credit completely goes to Jennifer Causey and Simply Breakfast


I hope everyone had a great day xox

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what started off as okay

turned into a nightmare. ugh such a bad morning. my university is now closed for a snow day. seems like a good thing right? wrong. i have a midterm but because of this, and our break its postponed probably until right after our reading week which means ive wasted time studying on this when i could have been working on my other two exams this week!! and i hate when its postponed because i have so much other shit to do after and this adds more to my post-reading week just so unhappy. i wanted to get this over with. and i just want to go home i know im scared of flying but i want my plane to leave now so i can just go home. but i have two exams tomorrow so that cannot happen. was a good early morning and i had lots of yummy strong coffee and a bowl of red river with banana, walnuts, cinnamon and some whole grain cereal on top...along with a tablespoon of wheatgerm and a bit of skim. honestly, im so sad that im going to walk over to the grocery store and get a larabar even though theyre so expensive :) hehehe im a rebel. and then ill do more work that i would not have been able to do if i were studying for my exam today.

okay, i want to bring this post's mood up so how about a few pretty pictures...larabars! honestly ive had like one flavour but im obsessed with like looking at them online (i can't find many flavours, maybe not many are available in canada?) and im trying to think of additional flavours but its so hard, like it needs to be natural, the right ingredients, the right combo...what about...peanut butter and banana sandwhich:

I think its a good one :) i love pb and banana sandwiches yummmm

anyway im going to try and stop sulking and get some work done.

have a great day xox

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

anyone out there?

i love that book. I think its called anybody out there, i always forget. it's about a woman who wakes up after a car crash with her husband, and she grieves but for some reason can't find him and believes he left her. its really sad. but just really good as well, i recommend it :) but on that anyone reading? I hope i get to talk to some people. you're all so amazing as i've read your lovely blogs and have been blessed to just get a glimpse of how wonderful you all are and how strong you are!

some eats for today...photographed on my webcam as my camera isn't here, it's at home:


apple granola bar

organic all natural crunchy pb

i've been getting more interested in buying these new things like bars (lara) and pb and other nutbutters but im not sure if i'll be able to. they're expensive aha. but its interesting as i view them sometimes as like healthy treats, and its probably better to be interested in them as opposed to 'junk' all the time. not sure though...then i just get worried because lots of people who have started eating these healthy foods did so partially because of the higher calories (maybe thats untrue) so im thinking i don't want to have too much because it might just get worse, like i keep track of things but still...i dunno what im saying but im just worried..anyway, i hope everyone is having a good week. less than three days till home :D


Monday, February 15, 2010

monday :)

hello :) happy monday...

so, today I woke up, ate part of a banana and went for a short run. its weird since its so much milder now, i wore a hat and i think that might have been a bit much. it does feel nice to just wear like running top, and tights/tna/lululemons instead of more layers and to run and not feel so bulky. i came back and after showering, etc had...

  • COFFEE (it was actually so messed the first time, weak for some reason so i made more stronger)
not true..i actually like it black

  • instant regular oats package times deux (i normally make regular but i wanted to take less time though these are not the sugar ones, just plain/regular)
  • rest of my banana mixed in
  • tbsp ish walnuts
  • a few kashi organic wheat squares (cinnamon)
  • cinnamon :P
  • bit of skim (didn't look that colour but you can't see white on white)
  • bit of wheatgerm
  • and some plain, non-fat yogurt (aha same as the milk) with cinnamon added a tiny bit of pure honey
i was full.

i have a few exams this week and then hoooome on saturday, early flight and i do not like flying. seriously. im just trying not to think about it, last time i did and i was so anxious and nauseous and messed for the whole flight and more, it was awful. are some pretty photos by google, i just have nothing else to say, and these are lovely :P

KIDDING its just one...i've never had this brand before...just the store brand natural pbs i think, but im thinking of buying one soon, starting off with the natural ones and maybe the just scared to get the sweetened ones or the non-stir...and also i might not like the sweet ones...but yea this one's also one I might want:

either the regular or crunchy stirred or non-stirred...
but honestly i don't know if i'll find them so maybe i should look first. okay enough blabbering,

thats all, xox

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my favourite little irish girlie

i realise i've made a few posts on actors/actresses but i relate to these girls because we're similar in age, love their style and mainly because i want to act just like they do...but saoirse ronan (ser-sha) is from ireland and you might know her from atonement, the lovely bones, i could never be your women (as i mentioned before aha), anyway she's AMAZING. honestly such a great actress, tiny and i really love her style, so here are a few saoirse favs:

anyway that's all byeee xox

trying something new

OKAYY I'm really excited...I just went grocery shopping for a few things and I decided that...I had to get this:

I've maybe had one once...a little while ago and normally get boxes of healthy granola bars as opposed to the individual holly mother expensive ones. i used to get, once a week while in a dorm residence at university last year, a bar for lunch on weekends because they only served brunch and dinner, and i would usually get something that looked more filling and bread-like so cliff-bar size but usually this optimum something bar, not too high in fat but something with flax...and the cliff bars are good, i've had a few in my lifetime but they are super rich...anyway, by reading posts by these lovely ladies i realised that i just had to get one....and okay i have to admit that i was almost going to bail on the cashew one because...well my store just has three flavours the apple one, cherry and this...and i think i'd had the others because they were less cals and its dumb but like i had this number in my mind and the cashew one was like 30 more and i was like wtfff messes everythign up...but then i thought, whatever you won't buy it for a while and you'll be upset you didnt try this one because thats what i hear people talk i got it :) and it was different, i guess i was expecting like strong flavour like the other fruit one but it was mild, and for some reason i tasted vegetables? what like i dont even know what kind. ehehe...but yea, i might want the fruit ones next time and i wish i had more selection there but oh well. and i have a little bit left of the bar for later on.

i had red river this morning...i used to call it "bird seed" as a kid when we had it for the family and didnt like it but ate it with tons of brown sugar lol and now i like it because it has a lot of flax, so thats good!

today i'm finishing up re-typing notes for my modern american culture :) actually it's not horrible as the information is rather interesting. i think im chatting with my parents tonight which i'm actually super looking forward to, not a phone as they're on vacation for a while and don't have access long-distance but on msn...ehe i made an account for my mom so she could do it but she's not quite familiar with it yet, doesn't really like the whole connection through the web type convos but its better than nothing! and FIIIIVE days left till home :P oh and i wore legginggggs out today i just dont like to do that, well i love leggings but i hate my legs and just like i dunno its weird but yea i did that aha

okay and in honour of valentines day i though i'd show a post of my boyfriend...

(okay the picture doesn't do him justice and he doesn't look that great in these but like in moving live action you know, its honestly just trust me on this one)

yes i wish. this is rory culkin. aka cutay and amazing actor, thats partially why i love him. the whole culkin klan are talented, adorable, i just like their look though some people find macaulay odd-looking? whatever. and yea their family is like swarming with good thespian genes (kinda like the fanning sisters)...but yea i sort of want to meet him. and then be-friend him, work with him in a film, date him, and marry him eventually. kidding. sort of. i promise im not this creepy but i just like him. and he's SOO amazing honestly like a newer film would be lymelife, older stuff woudl be signs, you can count on me, mean creek, etc. this boy is so believable in every role:


if you still don't see it then fineee just watch this

i hope you're having gorgeous weekends, actually the weather here is surprisingly mild. its really weird. but where i am right now (to attend uni) its nice one day and the complete opposite the next so i wouldn't count on this lasting. okay, done for now, i'll just leave you with a picture of my baby, who i miss so fucking much when im hidden for her own privacy reasons of course :P :P


google credit for some photos