Monday, February 22, 2010

spoke too soon

winter's come again. ahh its snowing like crazy today. :( oh well, but honestly i jinxed it...usually that doesn't happen here and where i go to uni its like nice one day and the complete opposite the next. i hope my parents still fly back tomorrow night without any troubles.


I found the camera...and bought some batteries. wooooop :D i know you're really excited (aha), so i'll just get to it:

pm snack

outfit...aha no not today

obsession...third time maybe?


i hope you are all having better weather than we are xox <3

oh ps if anyone knows how to use liquid eyeliner. umm...yes how? i just got some and have never used this kind and i would love advice.

pss fun story, okay while i was out in the storm today i walked near a traffic light and stopped to wait and this older ish lady looked at me and was like, "do YOU like this snow?"...i replied, "hmm, only at Christmas i guess, though its not too bad" and she went, "ooooo but we didn't have much did we" and then became all giddy and said, "im going to florida next week yeee" and hopped a bit, ahaha so cute and when the light changed i looked at her and smiled and she said, "good bye dearie", aww :) lovely lady there. AND also i found a huge selection of larabars at a health food store, like i had assumed we didnt get more than like 3 flavours in Canada since i'd only seen a few at normal grocery stores but yeaaaayyyy exciting exciting exciting. okay now im really going xox <3


  1. Thats so exciting about the larabars! score ;] and same with the snow, only at Xmas, now its just annoying! No snow in NY, hope not noon! and eyeliner i usually dont wear any, but i used advice here.

    maya :]

  2. aha yea i was excited, but im going back to school soon so they wont have them i dont think, so not a huge selection for me until april aha thanks girlie :P xox <3