Friday, June 11, 2010

happy friday loves

hey lovelies :) :) how are you??? i had my birthdayyyy yeee...that was monday, but i haven't posted, and was away for a bit. i just came back from getting yet another license replacement, ive had to do that too many times. but i blame it on planes, see i use it if im flying within the country and they ask for it so many times and im flustered and nervous and everything when i fly, and its easy to lose a card like that. yes that's my excuse today.

breakfast was this...

regular oat package with those yummy multigrain organic oat-squares
with almonds, skim, cinnamon and wheatgerm and part of a banana...
went for a run beforehand, and mehh the bowl was okay, not amazing or anything but that's cool.

ahh im so agitated right now, i planned to have completed a lot of things by this time but stuff got in the way, ugh does anyone get like that? im just antsy and i was planning on getting part of an assignment done earlier and i don't work best later on in the day.

anywho, i was up north for a bit with my dad at the cottage, only like a day aha but i did some work for him.

so the Sunday extended family joint birthday was nice :) i loved seeing everyone. so it wasn't too awful :P

and on my actual birthday, some foodie pics...

morning cereal of multigrain organic squares, blubes, cinnamon,
wheat germskim, almonds, shreddies, bit of granola i think???

my yogurt, blubes, walnut morning snack

a birthday outfit

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but i had a class that night so the small family birthday was postponed until the next day:

making a wish...usually takes me a while :)

so, aha while im writing this im watching a lovely video by this girl, so so so sweet. i've been alright lately, up and down. i hope everyone is going well. i guess most people are done school now, even those in highschool. im not sure when american universities get out but i think it's a bit later than ours. ive been doing more city driving (practicing) as i need to take my final G which is just the last one...i got my first ones right away, we have a few steps in Canada but in August mine expires so it's been nearly 5 years since my very first G1 i guess so just the written test, and if i dont get my final one then i have to do everything over. so this one is the final test all throughout the city on on the freeway and everything. i hate driving in the city it kills me so im just a bit worried. but its not for a little over a month so i still have time :)

again, hope everyone is doing well, leave a message if you like :P and i'll talk to you all soon xox

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