Sunday, April 17, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

this morning's breakfast bowl was after a short run/shower, and it was a mix of cold cereals.

there was raisin brain in the mixture, organic raisin bran, along with a tbsp
almond-raisin-granola, cinnamon, ginger, almonds, Life, organic multigrain squares,
shredded wheat squares, and a tiny bit of rice crispies. holy molay....i like having a variety...?

ahh exam time :) i have quite a bit of studying and what not. its my final year and every class seems to have a final, plus the stakes are just a bit high so its stressful gahh :/ i just completed one exam...another four to go.
i saw jane eyre a few nights ago :) i liked it, esp mia and the young jane. i read the book for school in gr 12 and liked it even though it was a bit long and drawn out so the film was the same. but gosh she was screweed over so much :/ poor girl..but no actually she's really strong, and someone you can be inspired by as she just kept going. and i seem to have much more than she does but ive given up almost :( my parents borrowed my copy n ot too long ago and read it and they loved it, honestly could not stop talking about it. so i saw the film with my mom and my dad saw it with his mother a little bit before :P

side note i just realised i wrote the wrote student number on mine exam. shit. i have 3 as im technically taking courses at three normal university, and then as a visiting student and two others. and i just wrote the wrong digit for one of the numbers. not good :/

mmm yummy spelt bread, artisan texture sorta...and almonds. and graham crackers :P
my mom just phoned me and asked whether i would actually eat easter eggs if they bought some. after a minor freakout (the easter bunny's not real?!?) i said yes of course. some, then i will share. she's never asked me that before :( if i'd eat. initially i wanted some to hunt. don't judge me. ive been away at uni th past 3 years and stayed alone while nearly everyone else went home for chocolate...i mean easter. apart from one year when my really good friend and her twin sister left a basket of eggs (not real ones) outside my door...sort of like harry getting food presents from ron's mom. anywho the last time i was home i was sipping coffee and searching for eggs like a child. i realised that i was getting too old. but hopefully not this year. ahh someone just slipped an ndp sign under my door. that will mean nothing to you if you're not canadian aha, we have an election coming up at the beginning of march. i wasn't planning on voting for that guy. but i won't get into politics here :S never a good topic.

i had most of a clif bar (oatmeal raisin walnut i think...)

the only one so far that i like. its still a bit rich but not too bad, like a chewy no-bake cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookie :) or a semi raw baked one :P sort of how i like to make them aha. gosh i used to bake (food...but the other as well :O ) so so so much throughout hschool esp gr 11 and 12 and it was soo obvious i began doing it as i didn't let myself have those things, but then baking it didn't help. i usually had some of it and felt disgusting. i don't have an urge to bake as much now. not just because im scared of eating the stuff. a bit..but also i just don't want to. i like making like healthy loaves and muffins. and when i used to do it a lot it was mostly "healthy" baked goods. and always ww flour cookies and muffins and like tweaked recipes.

simplybreakfastblog photo, gosh they're lovely, but i've been having
honey, yogurt, sometimes together, and with cinnamon which i used to do but not lately,
and i liiiike

i've been feeling odd toward hunger like if im hungry im scared something is wrong and if i eat and am still hungry and i have more than normal, well i don't really like that. i can just feel that its adding onto me. and if im not hungry im scared something is wrong. i try to be in tune with so much that i analyse things so much and it just creates a lot of extra stress ontop of the ridiculous anxiety that i have :/ i have no idea what to do, people say oh listen to your body but that doesn't help...

anyway, that's all really, well all that i'll post here. i keep repeatedly burning my mouth on this peppermint tea ;( i wish i had taken more photos though, oh well :P xox until next time, lots of love


  1. Love me some peppermint tea :)

    easter is always a hard time... so much chocolate and indulgence! but it is also a time to remember the importance of new beginnings. springtime means fresh new starts, summer is on its way and bringing with it warmth and sunshine. yaaaay!!!

  2. aha yeaaa thank you love you're so cute :P xox

  3. I wish i could explain how happy i am we have the same bowl :) little things excite me.
    I know how you feel with the stress of hunger, I think my metabolism is speeding up and it does scare me. But I have to sometimes just think (or say) 'stop' and then truly think why I am hungry. My mum always says that my body is ready for change, so you never know, yours could be too. It is hard, but I've heard that listening to your body is a really satisfying feeling. I think because it goes hand in hand with freedom.
    I hadn't even thought about Easter! Exams have just got in the way. Good luck with the rest of your exams.
    Sophie x

  4. ahh sophie thank you so much. we're the same, i get excited about quite a few things that aren't really i guess "worth it" and people are like...uhhh, yeayy? ugh i don't know like a few days ago i was like full all day and i didn't even have a large bfast and i felt like swollen and i hate my body sometimes :S thank you and you too xox