Sunday, August 14, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

today i made some oatmeal for breakfast, which was quite yummy. i haven't used this type in a full oatmeal serving, and it was almost savoury without the banana. different grains combined along with flax seed i believe.

5 grain rolled oats (bobs red mill) in water with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, 1/2
banana added afterward as i cooked a serving for both my mom and for me :) i added wheat germ, almonds, and a tiny bit of almond milk...

so for that...well i bought the small 1L carton thing of almond breeze, unsweetened. and i so wanted to love it. idk i can't do it? i bought another 2L different brand of almond milk, maybe i cannot do unsweetened? its not that. but the brand might be the wrong one. i dont mind things not sweet but i eat natural raw almonds all the time and they are sweet to me. but this was not. i tried it though and now i must use the rest in baking :P but im not giving up on the almond milk i will find one i like :)

yesterday evening/late afternoon i treated my parents to 'the help' film, ever since they read my copy of the book (which i love so so so so so much, seriously i cannot explain it), they were extremely excited for the film. so we saw it and it was quite good. i knew that i liked the story and that the acting would be great, and i love emma stone :) i will always find aspects different from the book, because its a screenplay based fiml of course and thus not the book itself. so i like both versions and i highly recommend them.

pb larabar shared a little while back, i like this flavour :)

and speaking of laras, i re-tried one i thought i didn't like, the pb+chocolate one i think? cute polkadot package and ahhh i loved loved loved it. its not too sweet which i like, but the dates and pb make a nice cookie with a bit of semi sweet chocolate, i don't have any more since i didnt think i liked that one :/ bahh ill get some more soon :) last time i went they had the macadamia nut luna which i don't believe we've ever had in canada, along with the chocolate peppermint stick which i've only had once when a friend sent them from ny and i shared it with my parents since i wasn't sure i liked peppermint and chocolate, ever since a bad memory from when i was younger.

i'm off to do a few things, continue the job searching and preparation, and then i go home. i hope you're all enjoying your sundays. i will talk to you later xoxox


  1. I love almond breeze, i get the unsweetened original one too. Usually i have it with a sweetened cereal though, so the milk get sweetened too or I add a little stevia or something. I guess buying the sweetened version would be basically the same thing, but I like sweetening it myself. I've tried the pb chocolate lara before too and didn't like it. Maybe i'll try it again :)

  2. ohh okay, yea i tried to put a bit of brown sugar in it and it was amazing :) but ahh it made me nervous i just had a sip and let my mom try it. i think over oats or cereal it would be nice, add some sweetness especially with banana. i've tried it a few more times since :P do you get the carton one that stays in the cupboard before opening? because often they taste different (worse?) than the larger ones which are refrigerated. yes try the lara again :P xox