Thursday, November 3, 2011

a quick hello...going out on a limb :/

hey lovelies :):)

how is everyone? i am happy to be posting again, and much sooner than i expected. i heard that many of you had snow on the weekend...we didn't, odd since im a bit further north :P

today for breakfast i had microwaved (which i like) plain oats in water with cinnamon&ginger, almonds, tbsp sunflower/pumpkin seeds, and banana; topped with a bit of shredded wheat bites, ginger-slice and a touch of soymilk

i also went for an earlier run this morning :) it was a bit short though, and i dressed for a colder i got a bit warm. but it was okay actually. since i don't have any photos, and i was inspired by the lovely emily, i thought i'd try a video thing...though its quite boring and the quality is...not quite there. im not even sure it will work, and the first time the audio and image were not 'together' i tried again today :P and linked the old one. its a private youtube video, i thought that would be the safest, and i think it means that you can only see it if i provide the link or something? i hope you don't hate it, and still want to read this afterward.

here is the messed up audio one

that's all for today...i think i can get my camera this weekend and i'd love to get back to posting eats and what not, especially of breakfast. they are not always photogenic though, and i'm not a pro-photographer or anything :P i hope to get better. and i also hope to get a better camera...but that's a whole other idea.

things are still the same i guess. good and bad. mostly bad...but i'm trying to be positive because that's the only way they will improve. i'll leave you with a question, because this just came to my mind: i am reading this book for the billionth time this past year...'the giver' by lois lowry, i received it from a (still!) very good friend when i turned ten. everyone seemed to be reading it then, it was "all the rage" in my public school. baha, though i think the kids were slightly older. but, in my opinion, i feel like i was way to young to read it. because i'm over ten years older now, and there are so many aspects of the novel that i just didn't 'get' back then, every time i read it i find something new. the whole concept of this 'perfect' and ideal, safe, world that the author comes up with is fascinating. and scary and sad at the same time. and i cannot imagine that it would have made sense back when i first read it. i'm glad i decided to read it again, and now i just read it every now and then when i feel like it. if you haven't read it, i recommend it. very much so.

what are some of your favourite novels?

until next time :) xoxox


  1. Jen, I loved your video :) The link to the other one isn't working though. Oh well. I'm sure it was good too. You are so pretty! and your video came out so much better than mine, i kept fidgeting and touching my hair etc. haha. You should do a video again ! i think I will do another one soon too.

    I'm sorry things are not good right now :/ I wish there was something I could do. Things are not great with me either. We need to chat soon. Maybe Skype? since obviously we are so good at using the camera on the computer ;P

    I loved the giver! we read that in school in 8th grade (when I was 13) and no one else liked it. I thought it was great though. I've always loved reading. I haven't had much time lately to read things I want to, I've only been reading textbooks. Hmm, i don't know what my favorite is. Most recently I have read A Picture of Dorian Gray, which I liked, and the Bell Jar (for the second time) For some reason it didn't make sense the first time I read it. Oh, and I read Lolita a while ago, which I really liked. It is kind of a disturbing topic but in a weird way you actually start to feel bad for the main character. I won't give away the story ;P

    Hope your day is going well. Love you xxo

  2. i would love love love to chat/skype, let me know when you want to! and ohh well the other video was lame as well :P xox love you <3 and yesss i know about lolita, my friend focused on that for her independent study in english lit i think in hschool