Friday, February 12, 2010

just a little favourite actress

I absolutely adore/love/idolize (in a non-creepy way?) dakota fanning

her style, her acting, and personality...okay I don't know her obviously, but in interviews...she just seems so sweet and smart and talented. so here are a few favourite pictures, over the years.

another airport shot, I think arriving in Vancouver?


a younger one, when she was first featured in teen vogue


...and again

i've read bad things about this outfit but honestly its so bombb

she's grown up, but I've always loved her style.
and honestly she's so believable in her roles.
i'd love to meet her, work with her (um intimidation much?)
and hemmm maybe be her bff please? no like seriously.

photo credit goes to lovelydakota (


  1. i love Dakota too! she is such an amazing actress, when younger and now, shes grown into such a beautiful girl. loved when she did that Marc Jacobs campaign back in 06!


  2. yeayy so many people say that they hate her :( but yea i think she's so amazing! thanks for commenting I love your blog (and your sister's) xox