Sunday, February 28, 2010


hello everyone :) :) hope your weekends are going well. i flew back to university last night, sad. when my parents were driving me to the airport we were discussion how many weeks i had left and i was CONVINCED it was 5, and then they kept saying i had 6 left. so i miss-counted :( i just pretended i didn't hear them.

today i had oatbran, i have no fresh food since i was on break so no milk or yogurt or anything, so i thought this would be best:

- oatbran
- banana
- 8 almonds ish
- cinnamon
- ginger
- a bit of toasted berry crisp on top, just had it for the first time yesterday
- tbsp wheat germ
- coffeeee

so I must go grocery shopping, and i guess start doing homework again. its sort of gross out today, ahh when we landed there was so much fog yesterday in the city that i go to school in so everyone was like looking out the window and we couldn't see anything and all of a sudden we landed and it was like wtf where did that come from :P

anyway, talk to you all later <3 xox

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