Friday, February 26, 2010


hey lovelies :) how is everyone? today's breakfast was another themed bowl...BANANA PB OATS :) inspired by this lovely lady...oh and this one too, though i tweaked it and didn't put jam, i love banana and pb sandwiches

- steel cut oats
- 1/2 a banana
- tons of cinnamon, ginger, tiny bit nutmeg
- 10 almonds :)
- few squares whole grain cereal
- *surprise
- bit of skim

*so funny slash embarrassing dumb story, i was eating the oats and found these like balls of dark stuff and i was like wtf i didn't put currents in them and was wondering whether i should not eat it, but i just took them out wondering what was going on...thinking about what i put in the bowl earlier, then i remembered that i put a bit of muffin while i cooked the oats aha, one with bran and wheat and currents and stuff so then it all made sense :) ahaaaa im such a tard


im supposed to meet a friend for starbucks in a few, hope she makes it here with the weather out, see you all later <3 xox


  1. Mmm that looks good :) I forgot how much I loved plain 'nanner and PB. :) Always makes me think of The King and his friend 'nanner & PB sandwiches...oooh-yum!

  2. Mmm.. that bowl looks great! I never put crunchy cereal on top of my oats, but I see it done all the time!

    I have never had PB and banana on a sandwich.. jelly just sounds so much more appealing to me!