Sunday, February 14, 2010

trying something new

OKAYY I'm really excited...I just went grocery shopping for a few things and I decided that...I had to get this:

I've maybe had one once...a little while ago and normally get boxes of healthy granola bars as opposed to the individual holly mother expensive ones. i used to get, once a week while in a dorm residence at university last year, a bar for lunch on weekends because they only served brunch and dinner, and i would usually get something that looked more filling and bread-like so cliff-bar size but usually this optimum something bar, not too high in fat but something with flax...and the cliff bars are good, i've had a few in my lifetime but they are super rich...anyway, by reading posts by these lovely ladies i realised that i just had to get one....and okay i have to admit that i was almost going to bail on the cashew one because...well my store just has three flavours the apple one, cherry and this...and i think i'd had the others because they were less cals and its dumb but like i had this number in my mind and the cashew one was like 30 more and i was like wtfff messes everythign up...but then i thought, whatever you won't buy it for a while and you'll be upset you didnt try this one because thats what i hear people talk i got it :) and it was different, i guess i was expecting like strong flavour like the other fruit one but it was mild, and for some reason i tasted vegetables? what like i dont even know what kind. ehehe...but yea, i might want the fruit ones next time and i wish i had more selection there but oh well. and i have a little bit left of the bar for later on.

i had red river this morning...i used to call it "bird seed" as a kid when we had it for the family and didnt like it but ate it with tons of brown sugar lol and now i like it because it has a lot of flax, so thats good!

today i'm finishing up re-typing notes for my modern american culture :) actually it's not horrible as the information is rather interesting. i think im chatting with my parents tonight which i'm actually super looking forward to, not a phone as they're on vacation for a while and don't have access long-distance but on msn...ehe i made an account for my mom so she could do it but she's not quite familiar with it yet, doesn't really like the whole connection through the web type convos but its better than nothing! and FIIIIVE days left till home :P oh and i wore legginggggs out today i just dont like to do that, well i love leggings but i hate my legs and just like i dunno its weird but yea i did that aha

okay and in honour of valentines day i though i'd show a post of my boyfriend...

(okay the picture doesn't do him justice and he doesn't look that great in these but like in moving live action you know, its honestly just trust me on this one)

yes i wish. this is rory culkin. aka cutay and amazing actor, thats partially why i love him. the whole culkin klan are talented, adorable, i just like their look though some people find macaulay odd-looking? whatever. and yea their family is like swarming with good thespian genes (kinda like the fanning sisters)...but yea i sort of want to meet him. and then be-friend him, work with him in a film, date him, and marry him eventually. kidding. sort of. i promise im not this creepy but i just like him. and he's SOO amazing honestly like a newer film would be lymelife, older stuff woudl be signs, you can count on me, mean creek, etc. this boy is so believable in every role:


if you still don't see it then fineee just watch this

i hope you're having gorgeous weekends, actually the weather here is surprisingly mild. its really weird. but where i am right now (to attend uni) its nice one day and the complete opposite the next so i wouldn't count on this lasting. okay, done for now, i'll just leave you with a picture of my baby, who i miss so fucking much when im hidden for her own privacy reasons of course :P :P


google credit for some photos

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