Monday, February 15, 2010

monday :)

hello :) happy monday...

so, today I woke up, ate part of a banana and went for a short run. its weird since its so much milder now, i wore a hat and i think that might have been a bit much. it does feel nice to just wear like running top, and tights/tna/lululemons instead of more layers and to run and not feel so bulky. i came back and after showering, etc had...

  • COFFEE (it was actually so messed the first time, weak for some reason so i made more stronger)
not true..i actually like it black

  • instant regular oats package times deux (i normally make regular but i wanted to take less time though these are not the sugar ones, just plain/regular)
  • rest of my banana mixed in
  • tbsp ish walnuts
  • a few kashi organic wheat squares (cinnamon)
  • cinnamon :P
  • bit of skim (didn't look that colour but you can't see white on white)
  • bit of wheatgerm
  • and some plain, non-fat yogurt (aha same as the milk) with cinnamon added a tiny bit of pure honey
i was full.

i have a few exams this week and then hoooome on saturday, early flight and i do not like flying. seriously. im just trying not to think about it, last time i did and i was so anxious and nauseous and messed for the whole flight and more, it was awful. are some pretty photos by google, i just have nothing else to say, and these are lovely :P

KIDDING its just one...i've never had this brand before...just the store brand natural pbs i think, but im thinking of buying one soon, starting off with the natural ones and maybe the just scared to get the sweetened ones or the non-stir...and also i might not like the sweet ones...but yea this one's also one I might want:

either the regular or crunchy stirred or non-stirred...
but honestly i don't know if i'll find them so maybe i should look first. okay enough blabbering,

thats all, xox

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