Tuesday, February 16, 2010

anyone out there?

i love that book. I think its called anybody out there, i always forget. it's about a woman who wakes up after a car crash with her husband, and she grieves but for some reason can't find him and believes he left her. its really sad. but just really good as well, i recommend it :) but on that note...is anyone reading? I hope i get to talk to some people. you're all so amazing as i've read your lovely blogs and have been blessed to just get a glimpse of how wonderful you all are and how strong you are!

some eats for today...photographed on my webcam as my camera isn't here, it's at home:


apple granola bar

organic all natural crunchy pb

i've been getting more interested in buying these new things like bars (lara) and pb and other nutbutters but im not sure if i'll be able to. they're expensive aha. but its interesting as i view them sometimes as like healthy treats, and its probably better to be interested in them as opposed to 'junk' all the time. not sure though...then i just get worried because lots of people who have started eating these healthy foods did so partially because of the higher calories (maybe thats untrue) so im thinking i don't want to have too much because it might just get worse, like i keep track of things but still...i dunno what im saying but im just worried..anyway, i hope everyone is having a good week. less than three days till home :D


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