Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what started off as okay

turned into a nightmare. ugh such a bad morning. my university is now closed for a snow day. seems like a good thing right? wrong. i have a midterm but because of this, and our break its postponed probably until right after our reading week which means ive wasted time studying on this when i could have been working on my other two exams this week!! and i hate when its postponed because i have so much other shit to do after and this adds more to my post-reading week just so unhappy. i wanted to get this over with. and i just want to go home i know im scared of flying but i want my plane to leave now so i can just go home. but i have two exams tomorrow so that cannot happen. was a good early morning and i had lots of yummy strong coffee and a bowl of red river with banana, walnuts, cinnamon and some whole grain cereal on top...along with a tablespoon of wheatgerm and a bit of skim. honestly, im so sad that im going to walk over to the grocery store and get a larabar even though theyre so expensive :) hehehe im a rebel. and then ill do more work that i would not have been able to do if i were studying for my exam today.

okay, i want to bring this post's mood up so how about a few pretty pictures...larabars! honestly ive had like one flavour but im obsessed with like looking at them online (i can't find many flavours, maybe not many are available in canada?) and im trying to think of additional flavours but its so hard, like it needs to be natural, the right ingredients, the right combo...what about...peanut butter and banana sandwhich:

I think its a good one :) i love pb and banana sandwiches yummmm

anyway im going to try and stop sulking and get some work done.

have a great day xox

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