Friday, March 12, 2010

dedicated to stephen

hey lovelies :) :) how is everyone? noo stevey-poo didnt die, i just can't find him. and i took lucie's advice and put water for him but he's lost.

today i had oats with banana, walnuts, almonds, wheat germ and some bran bud thingies on top.


and i introduce.......STEPHEN :) (at least i think its him...might be dakota)

and im sorry geeez its horrible quality but this is how it kept turning out. actually this was the best out of the bunch).

im so sad because i was just about to order some tights and stuff on but they don't ship to canada????? ahh. what. ugh. i bought a pair on the weekend but i wanted a bunch and they were cheaper on the site. i hate that the ones i bought were super opaque and all but not on the but part :( anyone know of a canadian hue site? my heart ripped when i saw the words, 'we do not ship internationally at the time' i mean its not like canada's a crazy foreign place.

I just wanted to put this down before i forget, I saw a film in class (in film aesthetics) called "Warrendale", a cinema verite, or type of documentary style on young kids and teens that are somehow---through their past perhaps or simply born this way---really troubled and violent, unable to express things, etc. i don't want to put a label on it as i might be saying the wrong thing. the film was shocking and often really heartbreaking, yet moving too. i loved it. ill just post a small thing here...but it really affected me and i love those kids :( the adults and caregivers/teachers were so patient and admirable as well. of course we were meant to look at it critically so in class we discussed a variety of things but sometimes i just don't want to find negative aspects of films :P

alrighty that's all, hope you have gorgeous days ill talk to you later <3 xox loveee

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