Thursday, March 11, 2010


hello lovelies :) :) you are all sooo lovely :) honestly i knew a few comments would possibly help and they did :) love love looove. no picture of breaky once more, but i will describe. i was going to and then i decided to multitask and was baking in the kitchen early and it was so hot because of that and everything sort of failed. but i will show another food photo okay?

banana, as i did eat some banana this morning hehe.

i had some oatbran, with banana, a few cereal things, cinnamon and stuff...and yogurt with honey and cinnamon.

i realised something so horrible last night and immediate thought of you all...stephen will die. (ladybug)...i remember explaining, before i named him, that i keep getting one or two in my place and then they die eventually as its winter out and i dont know how they got inside...and then another appears, so maybe there's a nest. and i almost cried...steveypooo. now that i named him i associate him with the name you know? so its like an actual thing. which is mean i should care about the other dead ones even though i didnt name them. and i do. but i need to save him guys what do i do????? help! i promise im not this immature, and i do have friends that are not bugs :P but i get attached to anything like living or not living and get sad when bugs die. even if they bite me. okay story here: i was at camp one year i think i was 13 and ahaha okay i felt a bite on my arm and instinctively hit it, and it was a mosquito. and then it was like half dead and i felt so horrible so i put it up to my arm where it had bit me and tried to get it to take my blood, thinking that would save it. but it died :( horrible! i was a murderer. aha no but yea i was sad.

okay so i took a photo of stephen and let him go on my hand, scared he would bite but he did not. i hardly felt him. but the photo was all blurry so ill try again. actually to be honest it might not be stephen as there are two flying around...i named one dakota so maybe thats it? hehe i just randomly named one stephen but have no idea which one is him im probably talking to both of them interchangeably. yes i spoke to them. wow im weird. like i was working on an essay last night and one was flying around like a spazzz (probably trying to get out) and i was like STEPHEN CALM DOWN. aha. i thought he was going to fly into my eye.

anywho, onto real people here. so im seeing a movie with friends this weekend but now its like a bunch of people. i wanted to see it with my close friend, but we dont see each other as much now. then she sent out a mass text so i felt a bit shafted. i know thats silly of me but then it became an event, and she was asking when everyone wanted to go and i was like :( hmm doesn't my opinion matter? whatever i just need to shut it.

okay so im sorry for the lamoo post but thats all i got :) talk to you lovelies later xox <3 bye


  1. Oh no Steveypoo!!! <:( Here's how you care for ladybugs: make sure they have a safe place to stay that is warm and sunny but out of direct sunlight, also with a place (like a rock) to crawl under if they want shade. Place a damp paper towel in the area so they can drink. Make sure there is always a small supply of raisins for them to eat, too. (Soak the raisins in water and cut them open first.) I hope he lives!!! <3

    Sorry about the movie, though... Have a good day!


  2. hey lucie lovely...are you serious about the stuff for ladybugs? i need to do that xox love

  3. haha, well... yes, i am kinda serious? that is how you're supposed to take care of them if you keep ladybugs as pets. :) i've kept them and crickets in the way of little buggies. i've kept just about every kind of animal you can.... almost. ;)

  4. aww that is super cute aha i love youuu and i put a tissue soaked in water for them but i dont know where they went actually :(