Friday, March 19, 2010


hey lovelies :) :)

apologies about my photos, unpleasant...i mixed things up before taking a photo and dug in so quickly being the hungry monster and then took a photo :( even my yogurt, which was plain with a teeny but cute drizzle of pure honey was mixed up. and i had designed it just for you! aha...but you'll have to live with this, though i won't be posting breaky photos all the time.

thats only part of what was in the bowl, as i started to eat after i had mixed it thinking, well i already messed it up...then i decided to snap a piccy so a bit of a fail this time :P

yee i have 3 weeks left of school pretty much, and less than a month before i go home. still need to get a job though, i really don't want to have to wait till i get home and then do some retail type of thing, going to stores around my area...i can't do that anymore. anyone have good ideas for something a bit better than that? i know you live in different places but i just need ideas of places to contact right now!

black jbrand skinnies, 3/4 length uo shirt, white knit a+f kids thingy, with my beige/brown buckle low boots (?)

okay, ive realised that i miss being a kid. i know thats typical but i really remember being happy so i have decided i want to feel that way again :) i still had anxiety and stuff but honestly i was sooo much more relaxed than now, and i realise that obviously as you get older, you have responsibilities and stuff...but its not like i had nothing to worry about when i was younger...i did! but i dealt with it. so i need to smarten up. starting. now. yeee :) okay i hope you all have amazing days and drop by to say hello xox

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