Sunday, March 21, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) i hope you're having nice weekend weather, it sure is warm here! wow.

breaky today was red river with...

- banana
- cinnamon
- date chopped up
- lots of almonds
- wheat germ
- bit of skim
- cereal unposted, a few organic wheat squares on top

*coffee much earlier

i don't have too much to say, or im not sure what to say really so this will be a quick post. i do know that i cannot wait to go home...its just dragging on like slowww mud and its making me angry, and sad and all that stupid stuff. i might have more leads on some sort of job opportunity so perhaps one positive thing??? perhaps!

yesterdays random outfit (black tights, black american apparel long cardi, a+f kids stop, actually has a bottom like a gym suit or something:P)

alrighty, hope everyone is okay and all, and ill talk to you later xox loveee

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