Tuesday, March 2, 2010


hello lovelies :) :) how is your day going? i've had a class, went grocery shopping and i have more class and homework and such later today.

i don't know why i'm sad right now but im just really homesick, and that's a bit stupid i know but i can't help it...and 6 weeks seems so fucking far away :( some people don't ever want to go home when they get to uni but i've never been that way. oh well. sucksss :P

anyway sorry for the lame post and i'll talk to you later xox


  1. Hey girlie its not a lame post! I hate being homesick but 6 weeks will fly past just keep yourself busy and have fun because then time flies when your having fun :) What are you studying at uni?
    Emma xo

  2. heyy thank you you're sweet :) yea im trying to tell myself it will fly but when you're not having fun or just like sometimes it just seems to drag on, im studying theatre and history combined major and then a film minor, so its a BA. xox