Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hello lovelies :) :)

i was watching Dumbo last night for part of my film final assignment (its not about watching the movie, its just one of my sources though that would be nice :) ) and WOW that movie is sad. i remember finding it sad as a child but some of those scenes just rip my heart out...

like this one, i was completely in tears :(

and the sad music along with it...ahhh almost killed me. but its cute, i love that movie and i have not seen it in a while. it's strange that when i watched it at age 20 i have a different emotional connection to when i was little, and certain scenes touched me differently.

i have a midterm today, the one that was postponed from before the break because of a snow day. soooo hope i do alright! i just want to go home, but after reading a lovely blogger's post yesterday, on just being in the moment, im trying not to rush things. but its hard. i hate being sad and just little things make it worse like when im feeling sick. i remind myself that my life is more fortunate than others but honestly i feel like its all relative and it doesn't matter what you have when you're upset, nothing seems to matter. i hate being so negative here so i'm sorry if anyone's reading. i need to be happyyy. okay. i hope you all have a nice day :)



  1. Love!
    I totally agree with wanting to live in the moment more, you can do this it gets easier the more you try. You are doing so well, you are allowed to be yourself and say what you feel girl! :p I hope your day is ending well, <3 you!

  2. thank you lovelieee :) i hope you had a nice day. xox jen