Sunday, March 14, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) ahh im seeing alice today!!!!! exciteddd. did you change your clocks forward? i did some last night before bed so i could get in the mindset and when i woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom i changed the rest tehee.


- red river cereal
- banana
- wheatgerm
- cinnamon, ginger, etc
- walnuts
- bit of skim
- some dry cereal added on top after just a tad :P

coffee of course though i drank most of that earlier.

hmm so before the movie i want to buy some more tights...maybe dark colours since im not cool enough to try the wild ones, maybe purple or navy or something? ideas?

one of my favourites, im reading it for the third time since i got it in jan :D

okay for some reason i had genie in a bottle stuck in my head this morning it was making me want to punch myself because i honestly don't even know the words. i was doing the whole shimmy hand bottle move you know?? aha. okay, i must go do more homework and ill talk to you later xox


  1. Is that book about anorexia? I guess that's a presumption, but it looks quite interesting. Thanks for the idea...I like books like that.

    I really REALLY want to see alice in wonderland...seriously! I just need to find the time...

    Breakfast looks amazing!

  2. no it isnt! i should have mentioned that, it has nothing to do with it, ill post today about that because i didn't realise that people would make that assumption :( yesss omg its so so so so so good you have to see it!!!!! xox