Monday, March 15, 2010

i've lost my muchness..

hello lovely lovelies :) how is everyone? sooo...i saw alice in wonderland yesterday. ahhmazing :) truly and truly :P

so i dove into my bowl for breakfast before taking a photo and it looked...not so pretty? though my photos are rarely beautiful. so here's my yogurt portion...

i walked out of the theatre yesterday with my friends, not really paying attention to what was going on around me. and then i stepped outside and i was like what??? where am i??? yea, that happens a lot. not just with fantasies but i like to escape, and i love films. escapist entertainment eh? i was sucked into that world and when i got back to my reality i realised i needed to be in the present, but it was a bit sad, and often i get like that for a while after i've seen a film. just have to tell myself i belong in the modern world. but how gorgeous were the outfits? and the sets, and colours! i never pay attention to outfits unless someone's wearing slightly more traditional things but i wanted to experiment with almost everything in that! even the mad hatter!

i love johnny depp ahh

i had a weird night last night. i dont want to say much because i tend to overreact and im not sure what went wrong. but it scared be a tad. i just wish i didn't have so much anxiety and stuff. i also wish i could walk into a room and tell my mom or my dad. i could call them :P i know im at uni and its not that i want to be living with them all the time, but i do miss them. i used to deny that i had anxiety or eating issues, fears...i felt stupid. but then i realised that so many young people (or any age for that matter!) do have these troubles, and its okay. im not ashamed. all of you lovelies are so amazing, and im not saying you have issues but lots of you have troubles and you're doing so well despite, you're truly inspiring :) alrighty, done now :P

hope you have amazing days, weeks, months...ill talk to you later loveee

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