Friday, April 30, 2010


heyyy lovelies :) :) long time no bloggie i hope you're all doing well. i check all your updates usually but i haven't really posted much lately.

im home alone (ahhh i might have killers i guess its cool since no one knows where i live) anywho for a few days as my parents went alone to the cottage while i stayed searching for work. its a bit scary i haven't been able to get something yet. i know its just early may but it would have been ideal to get four months in before school in september. but im also taking a few classes this summer so i dunno...anyway they left my lovely kitty here so i have some company in the house.

breaky today river hot cereal with banana, cinnamon, a bit of skim on top and cereal (shreddies)

wow im sorry this photo is pitiful...

photo from a few days ago...

mixture of cold cereals and wheat germ with skim and banana...

ahh okay i must tell you something, one of my favourite things. shaytard. love this family :) this is so embarrassing but when i was away from home at uni it was a thing to watch a video of theirs each evening, i memorized their intro and it was just comforting. and i haven't been watching them much lately which is sad but they are amaaaaze. does anyone watch them though? seriously check this family out.

i don't know i've been feeling sort of weird lately, sick, and just un-motivated. i know thats bad. but i think once i get things going/busy i'll be better. i hope anyway. i used to be happier so i just wish i had that same mindset. its like i plan everything out and do lots of things that i don't want to, so i don't enjoy things and everything is like a chore. i mean i like planning but when you do it all the time and are so controlling it takes the enjoyment out of things. but i don't know how to stop aha, and its reassuring to have a plan you know? so losing that is losing control. and without control i feel a bit lost.

apparently all i have are outfit photos, not even that great really :P but i wanted to include pictures in this post, i need to take more photos of what i eat aha. i usually just take photos of breakfast if anything, as i eat most other meals with my family and i'd feel a bit strange. plus i dunno its just annoying to me to pull it out every time. but i will make an effort okay? :P :P

okay well for the past few days i've been searching for jobs, seeing movies occasionally, oh i saw "The Shine of the Rainbows" a few nights ago. so sweet :) seriously :) heres a trailer ...
it was a Canadian coproduction, and then filmed in Ireland. about an orphan who is adopted by a woman and her husband to a small sea-side town in Ireland. its sad though. ohh but the boy is adorable!!!

eeeeeee...see ya later loves, im going to go for a walk then get on with my day and stuff


  1. Ginger chews are SOOOOOO good. I just found a new flavor but havent tried it yet.. Peanut & ginger! what do you think, have you tried em?
    Dana <3

  2. ahh i know! i've only had the regular ones. do you think the mixed flavours would be nice? i guess i put ginger in baked goods, stirfries, etc aha so perhaps :P xox