Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mid week post: :) :) :)

hey lovelies :) :) how are you all doing? ahh it's been so warm, but i wanted to make a post midweek and then another perhaps on the weekend. maybe not sunday as it's mothers day. my brother's birthday is may 12th so we often have joint celebrations. funny though for my mom to deliver on mother's day...what a great gift my brother was :P

i have lots of photos this time which is exciting. for me anyway. breaky today was oatbran...

- oatbran
- banana (1/2)
- almonds
- walnuts
- bit of home made muffin (i'll post recipe)
- cinnamon
- bit of skim

i was so set to make homemade larabars today but i don't know where our processor is so i need to find that first. i'm not sure it seems like way too much work aha. i mean like having to put the ingredients in there and wash each so lazy. i think i'll just buy them, but not too often because they're a bit expensive, well compared to boxes of bars from the store anyway. but im trying out newer flavours. so far i've had banana (FAVOURITEEE), cashew, apple, pb, pb+j, and i think i had the cherry one a year ago but im not positive. i am still searching for gingersnap and cinnamon roll which i can't find anywhere :( the health food store near me has a few that i'd like to try out, pecan pie...actually just that one aha the others are like lime and lemon and coconut something which doesn't totally appeal to me. they have banana of course which i've had a few times.

today i'm meeting a new counselor for the first time, i wont go into details but yea i hope it goes well, otherwise i'll go back to my old one because this woman is further away along the subway line (i hate taking the subway usually lol) whereas the other i can just walk in under 30 min...

photos from the weekend in the ravine near me
(with my dad's nice camera :P )

and i have a job screening thing tomorrow, i think its one of the procedures to pick people for this summer student job, i'm a bit scared its a mixture of tests and i need to brush up on some things. it would be cool as its not retail but something better :D

the muffin recipe :).............................

*from Anne Lindsay again, this book is called "Smart Cooking: Quick and Tasty Recipes for Healthy Living". i changed it a bit because i didn't have the proper ingredients but i'd recomment sticking as close to it so you get the mixture of yummy flavours. :)

Banana-Apricot Bran Muffins

- 1.5 cups natural bran (wheat-bran)
- 1 cup whole wheat flour
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1/2 cup chopped dried apricots
- 1/3 cup veggie oil (or a substitute)
- 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
- 1 egg, slightly beaten
- 2 ripe bananas mashed
- 1 cup plain yogurt

*Combine bran, flour, baking powder and soda, salt, apricots and mix lightly
*In large mixing bowl, combine the oil, brown sugar, egg, bananas, and yogurt; mix well
*Add the dry ingredients to the wet until just combined
*Spoon into 12 muffin cups (paper-lined or nonstick) and bake at prepared 400F oven for 25-30 min or until firm to the touch.
*Remove and let them.

best. things. ever.

i finished my last of them on the weekend so i must get more :P this lovely girl got me hooked on them.

some random eats of the past few days...

natural yogurt with cinnamon and pure dark honey mmm

yummy stonemill bread ('with cranberries and pumpkin seeds)


im going to do some short yoga now, i need to do it more often as it helps me relax, have less general anxiety. anyone do yoga? i usually to the same 22 ish min hatha yoga (gentle hatha yoga number one :P) with jackie from love it :) i know meditation is also beneficial but i'm still trying to get the hang of it. its so weird how i find it hard to nothing really, calm my mind. sit still basically.


i hope everyone is well, talk to you later...

love you all


  1. you've reminded me I NEED more of those ginger chews asap!

  2. Your kitty is too cute! Beautiful pictures with your dads camera, the lush green walks make May ideal.
    I do yoga sometimes on days when I am sedentary just to make my breath even and calm, stretch a bit on days I am not running. It's such a form of relaxation! I should try a specific type like you, usually I just practice poses
    I learned in my school's yoga program. I may satrt classes soon, probably
    Vinyasa. Have you ever tried it? Be strong!

  3. thanks lovie but it's been sooo hot here :P a bit more fresh now since it rained for a while yesterday. do you take actual classes in a group? that sounds fun. i think i've just tried one of the vinyasa through the 20 min yoga downloads, they come online with an audio track usually and a person talking, but the hatha is soothing so i often go back to that one. xoxox