Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunny saturday morning

hey lovelies :) :) how are you? ahh its nice today, walked a bit this morning before breakfast and it was breezy but sunny and pleasant. i'm leaving up north for my cottage tomorrow for a few days and it will be a bit more chilly by the lake.

breaky today was a large bowl of cold cereals (shreddies, muesli, wheat-germ) and banana, almonds and skim :) with cinnamon of course.

and coffee mmm.

i borrowed my dad's camera yesterday morning and we went to the park to take photos

i saw date night yesterday with a friend, funny!!!!! crazy but we laughed a lot! and the theatre was pretty empty too which is rare in my city.

random food photo from the past few days...

mmm larabar oats first time :) cashew-cookie on large flake oats
with wheat germ and cinnamon and almonds...maybe some other
stuff not sure

ahaha last night i was playing with my cat and went to kiss her on the mouth...not really as she licks her bum but i just pretend did it and my dad looked at me with a frown and said...'you need a boy friend'...thanks dad :P he's nice but yea what a doooooche :) kidding. but i can't help it i love her she's so cute and sweet.

some outfit pictures...

mostly all from urban outfitters ahh...
um but its a long knit cardi, dress/top/?
and opaque long leggings

i just baked one of my favourite quick breads that i used to make a lot...its a cinnamon carrot loaf, still in the oven so no piccy's and we're bringing it to the cottage...its fairly healthy anne lindsay, anyone use her cookbooks? might just be a canadian thing :P but it looked so yummy filled with carrots and spices mmmmm...excited to try it now :D

creepy :( anywho i'll talk to you all later hope you have wonderful weekends love you lots


  1. have a wonderful weekend doll x

  2. aw thank you have a great weekend too :) xox

  3. You should post a recipe of the Quick bread! Sounds yummy!

    Dana <3

  4. mmm i might but its not my that fine if i just credit it? 'twas delish btw. xox