Tuesday, April 20, 2010

spring is here

hey lovelies :) :) is it warm where you are? its nice today, though yesterday was quite hot, didn't like that much :P

no breaky post as this morning was a bit wacko, my parents needed to 'buff' our granite counter tops which was this complicated process where it had to sit over night and we couldn't touch it pretty much till late morning, which meant no coffee...so we left to second cup for breakfast, but i made such a fuss as i didn't want to eat a muffin there so i ended up having cereal when i got back. anywho, i did go with them and sat there and bought a coffee and such. i don't know why, i used to love going there for baked goods, but i felt like i wanted something more 'substantial' so yea that's what happened. but i ate...

- cold cereal mixture
- almonds
- cinnamon
- bit of skim
- banana before leaving

---and a large coffee out :)

i do have some photos of foodezzz from the past few:

yesterdays breakfast of oats and cereal, almonds, wheat germ, a few other things there

ohhh this heavenly (if i do say so myself) pumpkin spice cake i made, glaze with the help of my mommyyy on sunday night for a family dinner mmm such a lovely combination of spices it was sooo good, we still have a bit left in the freezer for later

the one thing i bought on saturday aha, excited to read when im
done with my current list

so i'm still getting things unpacked, organizing, trying to give things away...cleaning makes me feel less anxious you know, like cleansing yourself and getting rid of things, makes me feel less cluttered. also continuing to get a job, searching, figuring out course for this summer and my final year of uni in the fall...

spending my other time walking/running/yogaing...eating...shopping...

don't worry i'm not spending much as i always watch my budget, and i'm
still needing to find a job for the spring/summer :)

what i have on right now (uo dark grey skinnies, cami and cardigan thingy)

anywho, i was so happy yesterday when the post arrived, all my shipping boxes came from school PLUSS i bought the two harry potter books i was missing (i've read them but didn't own the 5th or 6th) so now i can properly re-read the series aha...i love love love these books so much, i cannot even explain, i freaking love reading omg i just go through these periods where i can't stop, and keep finding amazing books, its escapism just like movies :) im pretty sure i'm seeing the runaways with a friend this week so if that happens ahhhh fuck yea cannot wait.

hope you all have relaxing days...

lots of love

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