Monday, May 31, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) i hope you've had a good week. i normally don't wait a week to post but i was away for the past few days and meant to post then...but maybe this is better, doing it less often and then i have more to say and stuff.

breaky today was a mixture of instant regular oats and some almonds, banana, shreddies, wheat germ and a bit of a homemade banana-apricot-bran muffin, also cinnamon too.

i went for a short run before, it's getting pretty hot out :( i mean i like spring but this is a bit much, makes me feel like crap really, though if i'm by the water i guess it's okay. but in the city it gets pretty gross and so muggy and humid.

a bar i had last week, with candied ginger in it!
and some nuts and agave i think...

i spent a few days (friday to sunday) in another city, and took a train to see my friend. she goes to school slash lives there and another one of my friends does as well. i was really scared to go and just became weird about it before but i really loved being with them, fun :)

brought a lil stash with me, but just had one so i have a few left yeee :D i have not tried one of them before, and that's the pecan (i mean one out of this stash, there's a ton of larabars that i haven't yet had)...but i ate the banana one (yellow) and i still have the cherry and i think i've had it before maybe a few years ago, and that's one of the only luna's i've tried---cranberry something crunch?

on the last night we took like farrr to many photos which pretty much all ended up on facebook...but it was fun, honestly i was just being ridiculous and silly and everything with them and i've known them for a long time, elementary school and under i think.

i was scared for a few reasons, but that's another point. when i was there though i realised that i can't concentrate on too many things, its either selfish me thinking about control and food and everything, or just being around friends, and everything just seems forgotten like even remembering to eat or what not. i think i need the control, i need the planning, i just need to think about things. but being goofy and just doing whatever for a few days is also good for the soul. but i really wasn't too focused on my own self, unless i felt sick or something but usually im so in tune with my body and become involved and obsessive, so i guess it was good to be around other people constantly. but i also didn't have the usual routines, like we stayed up so late and i usually go to bed a bit earlier and read, and always have like water with me and these little rituals and im pretty much an old lady i get tired really early aha. but getting out of the routine was healthy i guess, but a bit scary too.

soooo...another week. shtufff to do, and i have a class today so i need to work on some homework/discussion/assignment things, and i have a few other things to get done as well. okay scary thing, my birthday is in one week today, and im going to be 21 which scares the holy mother out of me..i nearly bawled all day last year when i left my 'teen-years' and this is just too much aha. the year isn't huge because the drinking age is 19 here but it's still a big deal, i guess this is the age where adulthood begins or something??? i think i stopped getting excited about turning a year older after my sweet sixteen, sort of went downhill from here. i know that's a really depressing thought but i mean i guess it's good in a sense that i value being younger and i don't take it for granted, so i'll make sure to live my life and not go crazy and then flip out when i'm all of a sudden turning thirty.

i hope everyone is doing well, remember to drop a message or anything i'd just love to chat :) okay ill be back soon. love of love.


  1. Hi there - just found your blog recently and wanted to say hello - look forward to reading more of your posts!!! have a great Monday
    xoxo aim

  2. Love when you post! I am goin to be 21 in a few months too...and I am scared shitless. But we can do it! It is only ED that want to keep us young. Just think about all of things you can do at 21! I dont know if its different in Canada, but in the US it opens of a whole realm of possibilities.

    Super cute Winnie the Pooh mug!! And I love your outfits as well

  3. thanks both of you :) i think i have you on my bookmarks. annie, yea i think i have peter pan syndrome :P i've always been scared of growing up, and i'm attached to things. i usually went away to camp and other things but i always missed my parents and stuff. thanks so much :) xox

  4. Aww, girlie, don't be afraid of turning 21. Age, like weight, is nothing more than a few numbers thrown together; at the end of the day, it doesn't really mean that much. Life shouldn't be about numbers, but about experiences, because those are the things that memories are made of and those are the things that matter.

    Enjoy your life, hun, and don't sweat the small stuff.

  5. thank you :) it's also that i feel too immature, and being that age and getting older comes with requirements, people expect me to be grown up and that scares me. xoxox