Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday may 23

hey lovelies :) :) i hope you're weekends are going well. and for those who have a long weekend, happy may 24!!! i stayed home to focus on job stuff, but my parents are back today.

breakfast was unfortunately not captured as my camera was out of batteries, but i had some large flake oats with banana, and then some frozen raspberries, almonds and cold cereals (shreddies and apple-cinnamon cheerios) as well as wheatgerm and cinnamon on top :D

im supposed to meet a friend later on today, so hope that happens. and yea things are less than groovy at the moment (sad) but it doesn't really matter. i'll figure things out.

vintage cut-offs (etsy shop yeee) first they were really tight on the leg since i guess i need wider ones, then they stretched a bit. i hope they look okay, ahh but oh well i really like them

i'm actually baking cookies at the moment, no idea why...i used to bake more but now i try not to or i like to do it with someone else, but i just got this urge and they're pretty healthy ones :) i actually added frozen rasp. for some reason so the batter looks kinda gross...hope they look more appetizing after they're baked.

so...i really want to make money. aha. seriously i wish i could like start a mini business or something but i don't think that's possible, since it wouldn't be something i'd continue later on just short-term. i get these random dreams and then realise that i'm just not being realistic. but i do have a dream of acting and i know that i have to make it otherwise i will never be happy. honestly i just won't have a family or get married or anything until i reach that point. and something to do with film :) ohh my god okay i was talking with my parents about actors and randomly (he's not normally like this) my dad was saying how so many of them are "nuts" and i was like hmm yes please explain yourself, and i named off actresses that i admire being like are they nuts? and i said sandra bullock because i ADORE her and wow i nearly slapped him. no im joking but they were like yea she's crazy, because of her marriage thing and i flipped out like "it's not her FAULT the guy cheated on her"...made me so mad. i was just like you know what i will work with her one day and bring her over for dinner and you'll see how lovely she is. ehehe. i get these dreams of working with actors that i love and it would just be so cool to be in a film with them :)

i love this book so much :) and what's next to it of course

i tried milk in the oatmeal cooking process, just a bit and then water, because i heard it made it 'creamy' which for some reason didn't appeal to me, but it was okay!

love this tea


i don't have too many food photos since i didn't take too many of the last few days partly because my parents took their camera with them, and my old digital keeps using up the batteries in a second, then i re-charge them...then it repeats. but i thought i'd just put some of my favourite style/outfit/people below, lately i'm obsessed with emma roberts style, i just love it so much.

i really love the last one. i always find that i try to put things together and they look like shyte ahaha. anyway, i must get going and i hope everyone is doing alright. have a great end to the weekend.

i'll leave you with a drunk kitty

love you lots!!!!!


  1. Hey girlie! Happy Sunday! We have a long weekend over here, but the weather is absolutely atrocious, so I'm stuck indoors. Boo. But at little more time with the family never hurt anyone, right? And besides, it provides the perfect opportunity for some baking, which you reminded me of ;) Hope your cookies turned out delicious!

    Love the style pictures you posted... I oftentimes end up just trying to randomly throw things together and pray they look good together. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't... it's a work in progress...

  2. aw no i love your blog honestly it always looks great :) you're canadian too right?? i live more central/south/ish lol and its hot here, a bit too hot actually! thanks so much for commenting :) xoxoxox

  3. Hey Ellen,

    I know the feeling about wanting money. My parents basically dont pay for anything and I have part-time job, but it never feels like I make enough. not fun. But anyways...your eats look so yummy! I don't really like mixing milk in with oats either. I find it makes them really watery.And Celestial Seasonings peppermint tea...I seriously have a cup of that almost every night! Have you tried their sugar cookie sleigh ride tea? Seriously amazing!!

    Hope you have a good sunday!

  4. ahh me too about the tea, its this addiction i've had a cup of herbal tea (and usually peppemint) every single night for so long and i don't know what will happen if i dont :P i have NOT tried that but i've heard great things, i don't think they have it out where i live. have a good day too xox

  5. The Secret Life of Bees is a fabulous book! Have you seen the movie? It's actually quite good as well. A tear-jerker for sure, and I'm not one to cry during movies!

  6. yes :) i love dakota fanning so i was like ahhh must see. i liked it a lot but i think i love the book the most :P xox

  7. ive gotta say, i disagree.....
    your style is rocking hun! :-) in fact when i first came across your blog, it was the clothes pics that caught my eye more than the foody ones!! i love my fashion but i too worry that my outifts dont go together well, my sis is a stylist so i have alot to live up to!! but hey.. i figure fashion is about experimentation!
    loving emma roberts style too, she's got abit of a shanea grimes thing going on. all those lucky 'young hot hollywood' stars, how i wish i had their wardrobes!

    Hope your having a nice day. and enjoy those cookies!! x

  8. that was nice :) yess if only i had the money for her closet :P xox

  9. I love those style pics you posted! I always try to make outfits inspired by celebrities, but somehow they never look as good on me as they do on the celebs. ;)

  10. yea i know :( but im sure they look great on you! xox.