Friday, August 13, 2010


hey lovelies :) :)

another week gone by, and its quickly approaching september. which means school...gahhh! i have today off from work to enroll in some of my courses, as i'm taking them at another school i must sign up much later than normal, which equals less options, waitlist, etc...but i think it will be okay! i woke up too early, like 6am and had set my alarm for after 7am. i think it was punishment since the enrollement started at 6am and i was like, 'bahh im just going to do it a bit later'...and then it was like NO you wake up NOW im a bit tired. does anyone freak out about sleep? when i was younger i was so scared of not getting a certain amount (or being under the impression i sometimes you can just tell yourself something to make you feel reassured, whether or not it's true!), and my brother had the same thing when he was younger, we're a couple of odd-balls ya know...anywho, my mom told me today that it was probably okay then i had less sleep, and it's just annoying since i am trying to sleep through things but often i wake up like wayyy earlier and cannot fall back asleep. ahh le sigh...

breakfast today was so-so...a bit of large flake oats with a mixture
of dry cereal, almonds, cinnamon, wheatgerm and skim on top

i'm in a bit of a rut with this, i usually only have time for cold cereals in the week, or maybe a package of oats...any ideas??

coffee...while looking out on the patio

i have an extra long weekend as i don't return to work until next week, so i'm going up north for a few :)

i'm trying to keep positive despite certain issues, it's hard!!! often i catch myself, and i know i'm doing things that make me more disordered and anxious and messed, but i still do's like im causing myself a lot of this difficulty. and i'm quite negative, not just inside my head but to the people around me, like my family. so i will try to be better about that. often i feel that if i voice what's going on in my head it acts as a reassurance, and perhaps bad things won't happen. stupid. or i feel as though it lets some of the stress go since there is soo much going on in my mind it's hard to deal at many points. but i really hope you're all doing well, and enjoy the rest of your summers :D

love you lots



    you poor thing!

    Have a fun weekend up north and enjoy the break :-)

  2. was online enrollment though :) xox