Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday august the twenty second

hey lovelies :) :)

just a quick post here, especially as i have not done one in a bit. hope you're all doing well!

breakfast today was a bowl of cold cereal (multigrain wheat squares, multigrain cheerios, wheat germ) and cinnamon, almonds, skim and banana. with coffee too...

i went for a short run after waking up (like 30 min after maybe) and it was raining but i went anyway, sort of got wet? as i was walking over to the area where i run, this guy with an umbrella just looked at me like i was crazy and went, "uh good morning"...don't know what that was all about :) maybe because i was voluntarily going in the rain, and then into this ravine which ended up being filled with puddles, med, ect...

im almost finished my internship, just another week ish...this past week was stressful for me, people getting sick, just tense and in general hell i guess. i make it worse for myself but i'm trying to work on that.

im getting a bit antsy about school too, not just scared but also excited. i'm just trying to get my courses together and all that jazz...i'll be in the city (my city i mean..) for school this year instead of on the other part of the country, so that will be different. i haven't attended this close to home since high school.

well that's all for now i guess, hope you're having a good end of the summer and i'll talk to you all soon(ish) :D


  1. Hi Ellen! I just found your blog! I'm loving it! Hope you have a great night! -Emily