Monday, August 2, 2010

i want a love like that

hey lovelies :):) its august!! wow, time seems like it's flown by, but obviously a lot has happened in the last few months. so it seemed as though it was going slowly but now its almost over :( and then school. but i'm a bit excited for it, its my final year of uni so that's pretty important for me.

breakfast today was a bowl of rolled oats cooked with banana, cinnamon, then topped with wheatgerm, organic multigrain squares, more cinnamon, skim, a strawberry cut + a piece of a special homemade bread...

ohh and a tiny blobbb of natural creamy pb :) yum i normally don't like it on oats

i attended my first wedding this past weekend---my lovely cousin's wedding day :) it was such an experience. honestly, just so sweet. a bit unconventional but ahh they are amazing for each other. just an emotional evening, and weekend really. and i was having issues myself, feeling ill and all of that crap and then i just look at them, and look at people in the crowd dancing...all ages including my dad (we danced quite a bit aha) and seeing people that are enjoying life just puts the biggest smile on my face, honestly i was just grinning so much :P

what i wore on the rehearsal night not the wedding a bit casual though

i had to use the washroom and it was right before the ceremony so i rushed with my mom, and on the way out she was like oh my god its starting, and at the bottom of the stairs is my cousin's fiancee (At the time) so my cousin in a sense. i just recently met him but he's really lovely. and he was just standing by the door to the outside ceremony and my mom goes "oh well its a good thing you're still here so as long as we're behind you its fine!" and he sort of smiled nervously and was just taking breaths and i realised...oh my god, he's going through this, he's about to be married! like in a matter of minutes, and it's hard to explain but witnessing him just taking those moments and seeing how nervous and happy and excited he was, it was just really amazing to watch.

this really could be them :) so happy for those two and i want this

i managed to squeeze enough time to bake once in this busy weekend, and that was Amanda's Blissful Banana Bread...which I keep calling bliss banana bread, slightly altered mostly because I didn't have certain ingredients.

i've already made this a few times actually :P

and had some nice breakfasts, as the evening food was a bit of a scary thing for me, and slightly disastrous. not bad really, i mean one night it was quite elegant but all in all i need to work on eating out i guess. its not just this fear, its the whole "my stomach is so sensitive" thing, which is true. on the second night i had to get another order because of an intolerance thing, and felt so stupid and embarrassed and just like i had made so much work for others (no one noticed obviously aha they were busy drinking and eating and chatting)...and was so hungry and sick feeling since i hardly had anything and it was almost 10pm so when dessert came, despite the whole rich chocolate display and the fact that i would probably feel sick i just started eating part of it, not the ice cream but around the chocolate thing. it was one of those lava ones where you put your spoon in and the chocolate pours out. it looked so cool because it was steaming hot and the ice cream was cold so visually i was amazed :D and i ate some of it :)but the atmosphere was lovely and after the wedding that night here was dancing and it was a lot of fun, just not caring what i look like (which was most-likely ridiculous!!!) and boogying with my dad, mom, cousins, random family and distant relatives, grandmother, etc...

dessert of 1/2 banana, bit of vanilla soy icecream and multigrain oat squares

so i actually liked the weekend, despite the scary things that it involved for me. i know it was NOT about me, and i just kept telling myself, this is not your night, and just watching other people who looked so happy really helped me. and letting loose! that really works at times :) my cousin had this permanent smile on her face :)

i hope you're all well, i have an internship this month for a few weeks and then i go up north for a short bit and then get ready for school!!! ahhhh...anyway, im a bit exhausted after little sleep this weekend...

sort of like this pumpkin...

but i love you allll


  1. so proud of you!!! that sounds wonderful. my favorite parts of the post were the banana bread and the kitty. aww! :)

  2. aha thank you :) the bread looks better in person, i still can't take photos like you bloggers out there, but its yummyyy. xoxox