Friday, July 30, 2010

i love shreddies

hey lovelies :) :) wow, it's been quite an eventful few weeks! I'm back in the city, and just figuring out job stuff, and possibly taking on an internship position somewhere...yet I'm having scheduling/guilt/etc. issues with the other commitments I had made previously, anyway, not the place to discuss!

I managed to take quite a few food photos up north, and realised that i adore shreddies...ahaaa (what???) not... i already knew that :P i think i love cold cereal more than hot, though i often enjoy oats and such, depending on my mood i guess. breakfast today was a bowl of oats with dry cereal and other additions...

my cottage was nice, i sort of want to go back. i love the city but im feeling a bit on the verge of a breakdown, well i think i already had one but...ehh, i mean its not like anything "went-away" when i was up north, and its not crazy remote like algonquin but its still away from the hustle-'n-bustle...and im back to face a lot of shit :(

but i enjoyed some breakfasts...

oats with the addition of scrumptious peaches

large flake oats with cinnamon, banana, almonds, dried-crans,
organic wheat-squares

some unique lunches...

that is a sneaky 'lil chocolate on the upper lefthand side

teas, snacks and dinners...

couscous with a few dried cranberries, salad, tofu veg stirfry

plain 0% yogurt with cinnamon and fresh ontario peaches

my mom's afternoon tea break...

and did some outdoor work as well :)

kidding, no but i really did, sanding chairs and staining the wood on them, cutting the grass

im going to a wedding and a bunch of other things this weekend, including eating out which is stressing me. i might get ill, i don't know what the food is, i'll be away from home...seriously its a huge thing for me and i'm not sure what to do :( but at least I'll have my family there, but i'm not supposed to hang around them and i need to be grown up and social. bahaha...i cannot see that happening. also i'm getting a haircut ahhh honestly i hope its just the smallest trim possible, i haven't had it cut in a while and its not healthy, split ends and such, so i need the trim...but JUST the trim!!!

an outfit that my mom kept making fun of...good fun though :) my friend came over while they were out and i mentioned that i was wearing a 'tunic', which was really my mom's old nightgown i think :P and some high-waisted cut offs that i made out of an old pair of her jeans :) tehee...

casual window shots...


well i must jet, lots to do, and i hope everyone is doing well. love you lots :)


  1. Glad you're back. Your cottage looks so lovely! I am the same way about my hair...whenever I get a hair cut I always get a trim and tell them to take as little off as possible just enough to make my hair healthy and get off the ends. I think your outfit is cute! I love tunics!

  2. thank you :) i've read your updates today and i hope you're well xoxox

  3. your clothes are so cute! and is that you in the pic with the raspberry? it's gorgeous.

  4. yes aha i was a bit nervous to put that up, but thank you so much xoxox