Sunday, September 19, 2010


hey lovelies :):)

breakfast was a mix of cold cereals (corn bran squares, multigrain life cereal, yummm flax granola) with skim, banana, almonds, cinnamon...i think that is it. ahh i forgot to add wheat germ :P oh well..

the past few days we've had essentially no bananas, just extremely green ones which i honestly tried to eat but like gagged. and i put some up top in a cupboard and found them yesterday and they were nearly ripe :) so i enjoyed part of one as my dessert (mixed with other things too!)

first week of uni done. well first week of my last year. its so different here, and honestly this week was AWFUL. in terms of scheduling and me and everything, things just went completely wrong. i hope i can get things organized and actually officially get into courses so i can graduate when i want to :( and now my parents are going away, and i know that's crazy for me to be upset since im like old now and am used to living away from home...but im just very sad. like things get worse when im alone just in this house. even though eve is here (note: my cat). BUT...its cool. i will survive. tehee...

i just need to talk to someone, but i hardly have any close friends left in the city, and they live further away, have different schedules. so if any of you lovesss wanna chat please send me a message :) honestly, im just lonely. god that sounds pathetic. if my email isn't on this page then message me and i can send it. and facebook too!

im actually taking 6 courses now, and three are "distance" but ahh such a large amount of work. honestly its crazy. im just overloading myself a tad, but im taking a minor on top of my combined major so it means a little extra work. unfortunately, i could not get an honours degree, meaning i do a special 21st credit, as that cannot be completely long-distance, and as im away from my home university, i would have to go back another full year just to complete that. but as long as i graduate with a good grade in a four-year degree, im okay :) sorry this is super boring...oh. i might have not mentioned this yet, perhaps i have not posted since, but i went to whole foods for the first time last weekend with my mom (i didn't think we had them in canada but there is one in my city, like this fancy area Yorkville) and bought pb+co for the first time! i wanted the non sugar one, like just plain but they didn't have it so i got the smooth plain one, which just has some sugar cane and oil i believe so you don't have to store it in the fridge. my mom likes it! she doesn't really like my natural kind but usually east just regular like low fat pb, which is yummy and i used to eat it all the time. but i guess this one is a bit creamier and she said she enjoys it..."sticks on the roof of your mouth!" aha she said.

i have so much work, and i am studying but i find it hard to concentrate when im upset, sad, just like homesick even though i'm home (what the hell that makes no sense) but i feel guilty knowing that my parents would want me to try harder, and that makes me feel worse...gahh i should just work as hard as possible and i do try, but i dunno its strange like i get upset doing things and its just hard.

anyway, onto some foodie photos loves, not too many

yesterday's lunch photo

i just need to try to be positive. and its just very hard, i'm not sure quite why. this blog is just repetitive and the same thing, me just complaining about things. so i know it's probably difficult to read. so no more new posts until i get better. i mean, until i get a bit happier and positive because its just so draining to write about this stuff.

school outfit photo (but i ended up not attending classes because of
random mix ups and messed up things...looked
slightly better in person :P)

okay i must go and work and clean stuff and get on with my day :) hope you're all doing well. love you lots


  1. hey beautiful girl,
    i'd love to talk! facebook me? or phone/skype. (ANYTIME!) my info is on the right side of my blog if you need. you are so precious! please don't be lonely!
    and you look lovely in those pictures.
    love much,

  2. lucie :) you made my day. love you! xox

  3. i just recently started reading, but i love your blog! its not hard to read at all. I feel the same way about my blog being repetitive. but life is not that different day to day. no? i would love to talk, any time. fb message me. I am lonely too :P


  4. hey emily i love your blog! you're really sweet. and yours is not repetitive i just love reading it xoxox

  5. Ahh lovely. i hate to think f you feeling lonely. there is no shame in admitting that! i often feel the same, its like im surrounded by people, but none of them really understand me... so its like im separated from them by soundproof glass or something. Dont let this lonliness isolate you more tho, if you ever want to chat, email me... id love to talk!
    doesnt even matter about what, your day, what youve seen, something funny on the tv.... whatever! take care hun xxx

  6. thanks you two! and clemmy thank you :) xox