Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hey lovelies :):)

organic multigrain wheat squares, balance granola,
optimum organic ginger-cranberry, almonds, milk!

its getting really cold here! actually today its like 12 so mild and raining. pahh whatever yo..anywho, im watching a little princess for like the fiftieth billion million trillion gazillionth time, i love this film, its really sad though, but with a good ending of course. i always cry when she does, and especially the ending..."saraaahhh" (her dad yells) ahh so sad. but happy sad :)

my parents come back todayyy wooop :) hopefully that's a good thing...:P i want to make dinner so that they can come home to it, but we don't have spagetti sauce, we had suggested just like meatless sauce so a nice jar of like plain tomato basil sauce, so maybe i'll do pasta and veggies in a pan? i don't really want pasta but if i made quinoa they might not be happy. actually i have a problem and can never make that without burning the entire pan, smoking the house and setting of the fire alarm. no joke i think its happened 3 times already...and always when im alone. so maybe i won't do that...i guess pasta, then a side of veggies...then...i dunno salad? or no salad. i have no idea i suck :(

sunday night i watched a bit of a documentary on television called the Meerkats, narrated by Paul Newman about...well, meerkats. fuudge they are so cauuuute. but the story was really sad. i mean, it's life. but i hate that. you get so upset///or i get so upset i mean, when one of them is killed by another animal, but then of course they show the martial eagle flying over to her nest of children, because they need to survive too...so it's like...wahh ;( when i saw it on the guide i was like gahhhh Paul Newman (i had just watched Nowhere Boy and in my head i saw Paul McCartney)...yes that's right im that stupid. but i do like Paul Newman, and he has a lovely narration voice..but Meerkats are really sweet their mannerisms are like humans, i mean their facial expressions, the way they hold each other, like really grab and hug one another is just so amazing to watch i mean they really show love, here's a clip.

hmm so i must get back to work. ohh i just messaged an old friend, i met her on this summer program thing and it was so much fun, and ive sort of not contacted her much and i have lots of people on facebook like that, but im glad i did. i mean shes a year older and like wayyy more mature and what not, and since then im sure she's done lots of things whereas i haven't grown up at all baha. whatever :P i hope you're all doing well, not freezing too much if its cold where you are, and excited for the upcoming holidays :) xox


  1. It's really cold here, too! Hate it! x

  2. :( but its christmas sooooon:P xoxox

  3. 12!!!! That's not cold!! It's like minus three here! :) hope the dinner went well, sometimes olive oil and pasta is a great combo! X

  4. i know, i said it was warm...aha :) 12 is actually a bit too warm :P it will be minus 30 soon so i shouldn't talk. xox