Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wednesday december 8th

hey lovelies:):)

this morning i had coffee.....and then made yummy scottish banana figgy walnut oats!!! mmm i just purchased dried figs which i've never had to my recollection, besides like fig newtons :P and they taste a lot like fig newtons tehee..

im so upset, this is atrocious but honestly it looked pretty my camera was dying
and i guess i was rushed and never looked at the photo :(

but after hearing a lot about them i thought i'd try. first of all we had to return the first package, they were from turkey, not sure if that constitutes as "turkish-figs" but anywho they were like moldy or something gahh so i just found the only other type in the store imported from greece, so i'm not sure how fresh they are: kalamata dried figs, like the olives i guess aha? on their own they have a very tough skin and i cooked them so they softened in the oats this morning. the flavour is still quite strong so it didn't compliment the other additions to my oats but still a pretty good choice i think :P

i will try to (even if i don't blog it, heyy! even if i don't piccy it...) name my breakfasts, maybe just with oats but like title names, like "pine currant oats" aha after one of this lovie's one.

im not sure which jeans, i think they're just bdg higher waisted grey skinnies (UO) and a
gap thin white turtleneck, along with a woolish (mohhair?) long vest from banana

so...i have all my exams right now and im scuured. and a bit stressed. and also i had to change some because they were at the exact same time and all that stuff isn't yet confirmed so its sort of up in the air which, to mee, means more anxiety. but heyyoo its the holidays, which is making me nervous and i hate that honestly i love christmas i always have, i remember my old (i guess old old old place in a small town when i was younger) i just loved everything about it, and its supposed to be good so why the fuck can't i calm down? sorry:( sldkfjslkdfjlsdkj honestly its just stupid. not christmas i mean me. :) christmas is NOT stupid..and i would become sooo depressed like right after it, usually after the present opening thing :P like ahh another whole year until it comes again :( but now its not just presents, i mean we hardly get any as we get older so i enjoy more aspects of it, the weather at times, the music, family. anyway, enough of that.

today i just have studying, i want to go to shoppers to get some stuff, just like hair elastics, the new teen vogue since elle fanning is in it and she's adorable, and maybe something else like lip chap :P i also want to bake but we'll see..

ahaha see ya, ending with a wacko photo, love you lots


  1. hehe, i love this last pic... let loose and have fun (you deserve a little "wacko" after all your scurry exam stress!)

  2. Good luck in your exams! Happy holidays! ;) f xx

  3. ellen, good luck on your exams. i am sure you will do great. <3 figs in oats. you have to try turkish or black mission figs, they are not tough at all. I have found mold on a few figs before too. i googled it ;P and apparently its normal for that to happen sometimes if there are no preservatives in them ? still gross though. Hope you are having a good day.

  4. thank you fi. and emilyyy thank you love :) i knoww ahh maya and eliza post about something like black mission figs? they sound cool i don't know where i'll get them from, maybe a health food store? thats good about the mold, hopefully if i don't see it before eating one i won't die or anything :P xoxox