Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wednesday january fifth

hey lovelies:):)

i hope everyone had a great holiday! mine was iffy, mixture of good and bad i guess. although i think that's sort of common. it used to be pretty much all great, when i was a kid though :P

this morning's breakfast was multigrain oats with cinnamon and raw almonds, along with organic wheat squares, flax granola and non fat soy milk, wheatgerm :) and coffee of course :P

im going away for a short bit this week with my family. i used to always love vacations and such, like staying in hotels. but this time im like super anxious about it, eating out, being away from home and just away from things that im used to. which is super sad :( so i guess its good that im doing this. will be a challenge. i guess i'm supposed to do something like that, scary and challenging, every day you know? but the thing is, i always feel like im being challenged even with little things. so i never breeze through anything at all.

tea can be relaxing, especially celestial seasonings sleepytime>

this is the first year, that i can recall, that i haven't really made resolutions. this will sound sort of pathetic and depressing but like, i know too much now and i know that by simply saying something, it might not happen. and, to me, i feel like im making resolutions every minute so why shoudl i just start this year fresh? it seems to optimistic, like i know i have to make things happen. i used to be the queen (..princess?) of saying im going to change and being like, it will be better and always thinking the grass is greener on the other side, because when things are total shat you can only really look on the bright side...otherwise you have nothing to look forward to. so i guess that's my attitude at the moment. that and taking each day at a time. i know i want to live, despite wanting to escape at several instances in the day...i do want to do great things and i have to get better in many different aspects of my life, in order to achieve what i really dream for.

picture perfect example of escapism...through literature
.......(specifically harry potter)

phewf...enough of that! i hope everyone was able to spend lots of time with family and friends during the holidays :) tonight my parents are going to see the social network i think...without me. that's cool, im not offended at all...:P i actually want to see that film though, i think jessie eisenberg is nominated for a golden globe? i've heard quite amazing reviews. but alas....i shall see it another time perhaps. i want to relax and watch something, a film...i never get to choose anything on tv here. well that's because i don't like to touch the remote...gahhh its so germy though ickyickyicky (along with many other things). im a bit of a germ freak if that's not clear :P

a few food photographs from the past little while...

breakfast of cream of wheat with cinnamon, raw almonds,
organic wheat squares, flax granola, soy milk and a dollop
of apricot preserves mmm

hmm i guess it was just one. oops..i will return with many more, i just have to get myself together. and learn how to take proper photos of course.

lots of love (and i mean that)


  1. I second your escapism through literature. I just read the Half-Blood Prince, the past few days is all it took. And now I'm sitting here after the end, just lost and bewildered.
    I love books.
    Take care, dear.

  2. ahh finished it a few days ago (for the millionth time) and im re-reading the 7th now :P

  3. Hey you, thanks for the msg... i cant believe you have snow! we have rain rain rain here, its tres depressing! i bet you looked fab in your rainy snow goggles... too funny :-p
    I dunno if its my comp, but i cant read any of this last post, its all in crazy computer language, like weird little pics and numbers!! it looks quite cool, but its annoying cos i cant read ur post! :-(

  4. ahh i know i woke up and was like...w.t.f...??? i shoudl have worn goggles :P oh you can't read it??? :( i'll try to fix it