Thursday, December 23, 2010

its getting closer...

hey lovelies :):) everyone off school yet? (if you're still in school) close to christmas!!! those who celebrate, are you all ready? gifts put together, wrapped, cards made etc...

this morning i had a rushed but fairly yum breakfast, multigrain oats, i've never had this one before and it was very different to a plain oat-type grain (not like scottish or steel cut though)

random outfit, black uo tights with vneck, victoria secret (which ahh
we apparently just got in canada)..

ahh so, its been interesting this holiday. my brother is here for a few weeks while we get our place arranged, so its sort of liker when we were young, with the whole family together...yeayyy...hmmmph. im very controlling and like rigid i guess, not just with food. and im working on it, but..its just hard..its just that i try to keep my things separate, and get so anxious when people are around and touching my food, god that sounds so ridiculous. im a bit ridiculous i guess. and im just freaky about everything and like anxious and what not. so more people here creates more of that, if that makes sense. and then i get like upset and just am not that great to be around.

but i want this to be a good holiday. eee festive...

one of my favourite lunabars (nutz-over-choccc)

im not sure when i'll post next, i just have nothing great to say, and i hate making posts like this. its just depressing, even more so that im writing that its depressing and then writing about that...and just a bunch of odd outfit photos? ahh who wants that..

no one, and i hardly take photo photos anymore, i guess yanking out my camera and then rushing back to wash ad such before eating is taking a while :P

but i do like jcrew crewcuts :) teheee

i must jet but i wish you all happy, safe, relaxing holidays

xoxox love jen


  1. I wish they sold Luna bars over here.

    Have a wonderful holidays x

  2. you have tons of cool ones though right like naked bars or something?? xox thank you you too

  3. i get anxious too when people touch my food. and even when they dont,being with so many people can be a little overwhelming. dont let it get to you. I hope you have a wonderful stress-free christmas :)
    ♥ emily

  4. ahh thanks emily that makes me feel better :) i hope you have an amazing holiday as well. love jen<3<3

  5. Aw i hope your christmas wasnt too stressful food-wise. Im the same, i get extremley anxious when people touch or want to sample my food,dont know why it just drives me crazy. Dont give up on the 'ol photography, i love photos of random outfits! Photos of anything for that matter :) Hope you're well xo