Friday, April 1, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

this morning i went for a short run, but first had part of a banana, water, etc. then after coming back i had a shower and a nice bowl of cold cereal...

i actually didn't have cheerios but the almonds were there, along with skim, tbsp
granola and a mixture of shredded-wheat squares, raisin bran flakes, rice crispix and
organic multigrain squares, plus cinnamon&ginger (and a nannnananner)

with some coffee:)

i've been trying to be more brave (for me, not considered so for anyone else i'm sure :P) and try new things. or even things i used to have without issue. i purchased tahini, its labeled organic tahini by "nuts to you" nutbutter, i think its canadian. and...well i like sunflower seeds but i foud it so bitter. i keep trying little bits, and i've had it once as a spread on bread (rhyme!) with a tiny bit of dark natural honey. it was so expensive though aha i don't know what i was thinking. i want to get, from the same company, either almond butter which i have not had in AGES. or cashew butter which i've never tried. but its also expensive so i'd get a small one and not organic. i don't buy organic when i just get nuts but fr some reason get it in nut butters often. for pb though my stores have store brand organic which isn't too expensive.

speaking of honey...or pure heaven


i love all kinds. the liquid lighter and the darker ones, the honeybears, the creamy more solid type. sooo yum even just by itself, a spoonful of honey...

this gorgeous photo, not mine but i've had similar snacks of plain yogurt, honey and granola

my home rabbit bowl, from when i was a baby

and pb+c flavoured nut butters, ive only had this one, and otherwise just the
regular no-stir crunchy and smooth. we don't have many here and i just found the regular in a non whole foods/specialty store...otherwise i'd love to try the natural ones, either smooth
or crunchy. the only other flavour i though i'd like is the raisin but when i looked at it the
dark things (raisins) turned me off heh looked like little ants.

this is really funny you must watch, okay? its meryl...who is amazing. and lisa kudrow: and web therapy

with a morning cup of joe...except i don't like to call it that,
it sort of cheapens it, diminishes its classiness
no offense to anyone called joe

anywhooo, that's all i guess. i hope you're doing spendidly...
if thats a word. and i will see you laterrr much love


  1. hi Jen! i love all the breakfast bowls. i think breakfast pictures are so charming and quaint! I really love them, and i love your blog too! you are "the cereal girl" in my eyes. heh heh i like tahini but it is bitter! it's made from sesame seeds, though, and i think those are also quite bitter. PB&Co is amazing as well, i love their nut butters. i have only tried 2 flavors, white and dark chocolate. yum yum!

    love you girl!

  2. i remebmer you saying something like it tastes like dirt (tahini) and when i first tried it...that's what came to mind :P ive never tried the chocolate p+cos! xox love you more

  3. ah :)
    we have the same bunnykins bowl! hehe, i have the entire set! they were my favourite!
    i just realised i haven't posted or commented in sooo long!
    i love honey too :) i remember at my nans when i was little + used to get sick, she would always give me a spoonful of honey + it would 'magically' make me better every time!...seriously though ;)

    nice to hear from you lovey, well done on challenging yourself too. it is always good to challenge what we know is irrational!

  4. for real? i may have had the whole set but this is all that's left. but i think i just had the bowl.eee honey=love :) thank you so much for the comment lovie you're too amazing xoxox