Thursday, April 7, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

this morning i had a mix of regular/plain organic oats and part of a cinnamon/raisin package
(it still wasn't too sweet though which is nice), banana beforehand, and almonds, cinnamon,
multigrain squares and granola on top, plus skim. this photo makes me miss my cottage, it
was taken there but my cereal looked a bit similar today...oh and i had a piece of
homemade muffin on top, an oat/cranberry w-w sort of muffin

i forgot to welcome april in my other posts. i've never done that with any other month. but it seemed appropriate plus everyone else is doing it :P so happy april.

this afternoon for lunch i had (no photo though, well i hardly have any food photos as i can't shoot them) a hard-boiled egg, made in the morning so it was nice and cold, the way i like it :P and whole grain oat bread with apricot preserves and creamy natural honey on the other, plus a few baby carrots and applesauce with cinnamon on top...freshly coarse ground pepper on the egg

if you've never seen this girl (ramona marquez) gosh she's adorable, i knew i had seen her somewhere and it was in the king's speech (which i've mentioned and will continue to say bloody brillianttt) but this clip is so cute aha im watching it now

i made muffins one of the last times i was at home. something with bran, my mom enjoys that and when i make them i put half at least into little mini containers each for her to take to work on her 'coffee break'. its funny i've been doing that for a while even though im not always there. and her colleagues at work always ask (she told me this..) 'oooo what's jennifer made you this time?' ahaha i was like oh gosh that's embarrassing. especially if it ends up being bad but i tried a bite of these after i made them and they seemed okay :) i guess its just a basic bran recipe but i added raisins and put molasses in, along with cinnamon and cloves.


today i was just randomly up in my parents room/floor (they have a master thingie) and my cat was there, and they have a scale and its so old but its the one we have. and honestly i hardly weigh myself, even when i was living there all the time. i just stopped as it didn't help and i just, like i could tell if things changed by clothing, looking at myself, just how i feel, lke you can feel it you know? but i was like a pound or two more tan last time i checked which was not that long ago and i know i've fluctuated depending on the hour so it was a bad idea to check and ijust was so bothered by it. i felt hngry today, and usually i don't mind if i feel hungry because when i feel icky and full and just not hungry its not nice. and either way i start to worry that im il or something. but today i let myself have like breakfast then a proper snack then lunch and like i didn't do much exercise besides just walking back to my place and grocery shopping and lately i don't do a ton, not like a while ago i would make sure to walk or run a certain number of hours or what not. but i've been losing a bit lately so when that happens i don't worry about counting and fixating on every.little.thing. ugh sorry this makes hardly any sense and i have no idea even why i'm writing it. but its like, no matter what, even if i was like 10-20 pounds less i'd always have moments like this i'm sure. because im like say 10 less than last year at this point. and i'd still feel the same. so i don't know if i'll ever really know what's true, i mean what is true or correct or right? i do know that what i see in the mirror is what everyone else sees. but perhaps its what that image means to me. versus what it projects to someone else, like my mom who's constantly saying that she's really worried. when i just don't see it really.

i want to get a camera like's my dad's. for graduation (uni) i think i'm getting one as a really nice gift. because its really nice. but ooo i will be able to take proper photo and everything :) eeeeeeee

i was home last night and this morning until later this afternoon. i did some work, ate with family (mom &dad), watched some of Julie and Julia last night, i saw it originally in the theatre but i do love it :) meryl streep is just one of a kind. and amy adams is adorable :P

playing with my evey at home this morning:)...
she was underneath my leg sorta
hmmm okay so i wash dishes at my apartment as there is not a dishwasher like at home (we have such a crazy high tech one at home though) and i just discovered this certain store/generic brand "aromatherapy" detergent and it. smells. heavenly. im not a fan of washing dishes, not because i'm lazy or anything but it literally takes me forever because im super freaky and try to make sure its cleaned well and worry about everything essentially so its just really stressful for me. but i just put this soap in the first time and all of a sudden this "aroma" (teheee) filled the air. and its not the types which are scented but still smell fake and perfume-ey i mean this smells like pure lavender and something else, it has chamomile and a few other scents. gosh its lovely.

until later okay? love you all, hope you have a nice night


  1. ahhhh "ellen" or "jen" or whatever you like to be called. i enjoy your posts. they really are quaint. oh darling, i hope you are happy. you seem sad from the wording in your posts. maybe that is just me imagining things but you are so wonderful and really just deserve to be happy!

    your breakfasts sound fun as always,and i really want a nice camera too!


  2. aha jen is my name :P but ellen is my middle one and when i started the blog i was super paranoid. but obviously that ended when i posted pictures of myself :S thank you love you're amazing. yea im not too happy but ugh i'll get there xoxox

  3. cold hard boiled eggs are AMAZING!