Monday, May 2, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

this morning's breakfast was old fashion large flake oats in water, with ginger and a tiny bit of mr honeybear, topped with almonds and a tbsp each granola, multigrain squares, kashi go lean and special k regular for crunch. and a bit of skim, black coffee on the side :) i just like putting cold cereal on top or its not "normal"

i made it for my brother (i made far to0 much and forced him to have it tehe) and put honey and granola on his and he said he liked it!

may has arrived. i thought there were more days in april, so it sort of came as a surprise. MAYYY! we also have a federal election, may 2nd. i voted early though, being the keener that i am :P ahh i kid, my parents were going to be away for the voting day and i thought i'd tag along when they voted early. pshhh they're going to new orleans too, leaving canada to the states, i told them they would never be allowed to vote early if the reason was for going to the states :P its just for a few days but i emailed a detailed list of bars we don't have here, more like flavours or larabars (hemm gingersnap/cinnamon roll) so i hope they get a lil moment for that :P
anyway, i have an odd thing to say, its about dreams. seriously i think there's something wrong last night, no wait sat night i had a collection of like odd but scar and unpleasant ones, sort of when you wake up it just affects the way things go and how you feel. i think im either buying (and/or eating) too many bananas. i have this thing where i feel like i always have to have some in my house. so i get them at stages of ripeness but sometimes i get too many or little at one stage and lately ive had an abundance of super ripe/gaggy ones, partially because i was away at home for a bit. and although i love nannners its lke any fruit, they can be good but also, since they're fruit, they can go bad. ad randomly get insects or lke become mush or just gross and ive had dreams of like insects but really scary ones in my place, on the floor then like i look around and they're huge and everywhere. and last night i had a dream that my parents were coming to get me tank god but i was opening a bag of them (the organic ones come in bags usually) and ugh i can't evn write this im like squirming but there was this thing that landed on my hand and i flipped out and looked down and it was this long insect with lots of legs like a long potato bug but it was large and almost just looked like an object/not living then it crawled super fast along the floor up the walls and the ceiling and i was like great fuck this thing will find me in my sleep. and i realised the bananas had them alll over and had like laid eggs of this odd insect oh my god it was super nasty. and scary. they were everywhere. so now im scared its going to come true. this always happens i like something and then some thing like this happens and im scared to have them :/ aha just a little insight into my weird mind :S

i've been wearing a lot of oversized ts with tights, this blue/green one is from uo which i got last week. i got a few other things which aren't just ts :) and tights and what not. i really want combat boots, or military im not sure of the correct name, but not too clunky more like lave-ups? for my birthday. otherwise i would just get a cheaper pair from like f21, no dissing that but i need a legitimate pair of boots so my feet don't die. im obsessed with boots oh my gosh, seriously!

isn't he pretty?

thank you all so so so much for the lovely comments on the last thing, i appreciate it, seriously, more than you might think. it brightened my day a little bit :) which is saying something...:P

see you later loves :)


  1. Lovin your long braid.... i always wanted long hair, but mine just does not grow enough!!! i always get to the in-between stage, get bored and cut it!

    Im so jealous of your mr honeybear, so cute i wish we had them in the UK, it'd make having honey an even sweeter treat :-)

  2. oh clemmy i have to cut it :( its dead. well hair is dead but it looks awful and that's why i can't wear it down :( im so sad. i think it will be a new change though, but unless im way thinner i hate my face so im so scared a shorter hair will make me look fatter and ugly gahhh :/ thank you so much love :D often i can't find the bears or the darker or natural or pure honey doesn't come in one. this type is a bit lighter than what i normally get.

  3. A great pair of lace-up combat boots are Doc Martins. I love my pair and always wear them. They are expensive but they are very durable and quality.
    Happy May!

  4. thanks emma i like them but i find they're like super bulky sort of, do they all have that traditional look or do the styles vary? xox

  5. Thanks for the comment :) I have weird dreams all the time. Last night's, of course, was me dreaming about plucking out my tonsil (gross) or miraculously healing it overnight so that when I went to the doctor, they'd think I was a fraud.

    When my bananas get super ripe, I peel 'em, slice 'em, and freeze him. Eating frozen banana slices is so freaking delicious, like little chunks of ice cream.

  6. WOW, just called my bananas a "him." I meant "freeze 'em."***

  7. ah you're welcome i still am so upset i never read any of your blogs a while ago :/ baha the "him" works perfectly i like naming things like food :P and i tried that once but i put them in a plastic ziplock and they all stuck together, but i guess that's okay if i'm going to put them in oats, but i have a feeling i would increase the moisture so i'd have to take that into account. xox

  8. heheh yes mr. honey bear is so cute -- i love him and i love your braids and your brakfasts. :) it's weird to have weird dreams like that (lol) just like "attack of the bananas..." haha it's kind of funny but yes, very strange. hmm well i haven't had a dream for quite some time i think --


  9. no dreams? i feel like i always have them. sometimes good often not nice, they can be so real and/or just affect me in many ways. xox

  10. Hi Jennifer. I just found your blog and I am excited to keep reading. I've heard of a lot of people putting cold cereal on oats but I've never really considered it until now. I might just have to try it!
    I really like that first picture of you too. I think you look incredibly pretty! :-)

  11. aw thank you bryana i will look at your bloggie :) you're so sweet xox