Saturday, April 30, 2011

saturday morning love

hey lovelies :):)

its nearly may :) i like cold spring weather, but not hot or warm really, i love fall/autumn fashion :P and i don't do well with heat. though if im up north on the lake/cottage its better.

today's breakfast was at home :) i made scottish oats for my myself and my parents, in water with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla. after my own additions they were "banana-vanilla-almond" oaties :P

with extra cinnamon and ginger on mine, 1/2 sliced nannner, almonds, 3 tbsp or so kashi honey sunshine. and i didn't put much cold cereal on top, thus it was more like traditional oatmeal :) be proud of me...teh

my mom's in comparison, rather basic really...

i'm keeping busy organizing marks and school and possible career contacts. its a bit scary, but fun too. i really want to do something and stop being held back my numerous issues. because i really can't blame anyone but myself for this, thus...i'm the only one that can really get out of it. i do believe that support/help/treatment is necessary for me, but i'm also the ultimate one to push forward and take these big risks.

one of my jcrew tops, with black leggings, grey tank..

do you like prunes? i've never had them but thought it would be a change for dried fruit plus i've heard they're lower in sugar than other dried fruits...i always get scared and think of this one goosebumps episode (although i did love the books a lot alot alot) where this older lady serves a boy cookies with like prunes in the middle. and something bad happens. aha im so odd....

still have not opened mine but i plan to next week (they're at home)

i want to make gingersnaps. i think i will. i was planning on using up molasses to make a molasses bread, however we don't have ww flour. and as much as i'm trying to test out white flour, i just don't want to do it in a loaf or muffin. a cookie, maybe. i'd normally use ww flour for gingersnaps but traditionally i think they're best with white. so guess what...i will do it. and try one, maybe not today as im going back to my place but i'll freeze some and take them up to the cottage next weekend. although the white flour thing scares me, i'd rather use up (hopefully good/safe) white flour as opposed to expired ww...and my mom updated the spice drawer for more 'sweet' spices so ginger, nutmeg, cloves. we were in need of those. we just had cinnamon as a few weeks ago i was examining the spices and found a nutmeg with a sticker on the bottom. it said june '91. honestly. nearly as old as i am that nutmeg was :P

so i'm off to do that...and then a few other things. and shop for a few groceries perhaps. its very sunny out but hopefully not too hot. i know its supposed to rain again tomorrow but i wanted to do a little run in the morning. gosh it's rained so much here lately, and i always seem to be caught in the middle of it. at least 3 times this past week. and one of them was like a flash flood.

i hope you're all doing well and i appreciate every one of you, and love you so so so much xoxox


  1. Your oats and outfit look lovely(:
    Have a gorgeous weekend girl.

  2. I have a bit of a prune addiction!

  3. thank you both of you, emma i hope you have a lovely weekend :) and i hope i like them laura :P

  4. hi lovie <3
    i love the colour of your shirt, it is lovely!
    omg, yes, i LOVE prunes!! i have them everyday, they are amazing :) go for it. let me know what you think ;)
    oh, and also, WELL FREAKING DONE on the white flour. i know how hard that must be so congrats girl

    love reading <3

  5. aw thank you love :) okay so the hype about prunes, i think i'll try them this weekend as the package is at home :P xox

  6. Wait, so whats the story?!? is it scary!? SHARE!!!!
    ive never been a fan of prunes, i dunno why... but i dont think i like the texture... do they taste abit like dates??

    Gingersnaps however, sound delish. i love anything with ginger or cinammon in it. Gingerbread has to be my all-time fave. it reminds me of christmas when i used to make gingerbread cookies and hang them on the tree :-)

  7. ahahah clemmy :P if they taste like dates then yummm i'll try them and let you know :) i love ginger too so so so much, and then cinnamon=love. xoxox

  8. i love your outfit :) that shirt is such a pretty color. I have had prunes and I like them alot. Kind of like a big raisin but not as sweet. they are good with a little pb on them too. i hope you try them ;P i loved goosebumps too when I was younger, even though it was really scary at the time. I never saw that one about prune cookies though!

    I hope you're having a good day & that it stopped raining there. I cant believe its may already! xxx

  9. emily :) thank you so much lovie :P okay i'll try them soon for you, and put pb on them that sounds yum i've heard of dates and pb, so i guess its similar? its raining again though! xoxox