Monday, May 9, 2011

rediscovering, discovering, history

hey lovelies :):)

i just got back from my cottage for a few days, and its a bit chaotic to return to the city and try to get caught up in stuff, mostly emails, work, school. although i was fine with being away from it for a bit, normally im much more anxious. i enjoyed the visit though, and thankfully the water wasn't off like last time :/ we keep it closed in the winter and sometimes, even at this point in the season, things can go wrong.

today's breakfast was made before we left, just normal oatmeal with water and a bit of cinnamon as there is not much there, and i added sliced banana, almonds and cinnamon life/multigrain squares, along with some soy milk. coffee before hand :):)

i love this clock. it's not set though, and when my brother was in grade 10 (i was hmmm 11 i guess) he spent 3 months on an exchange in australia (adelaide) and we went with him there for a few weeks :D then from then on while my brother was still on the other side of the world my mom set this clock to his time, which was roughly 12 hours ahead, then we could call him at an appropriate hour.

i really love my cottage, and always discover old things that i used to play with or wear or use, and also i find new things. this time, although the visit was short and spent doing other things (mostly talking with my parents about issues/figuring things out) i looked through certain novels and found interesting stuff.

apparently i stole this one from my brother and sort of branded it with my name (i had a photo but somehow it deleted, but the writing was lovely...bahaha like odd mixtures of small and large letters, slanted and taking up the whole page), but i like to say i just inherited it from him, along with many other things like books, stuffed animals, some clothes...:P

shared this clif (first time one, black cherry almond) with my mom, and had a bit of other stuff to make up my snack...its not my favourite though i like it more than the first ones i had (pb or something) which made me not like these bars. but my favourite is still the oatmeal raisin walnut, then carrot, then maybe another one i have yet to try :P

this was a set of madeline books, they're in good condition too and hardcover, shiney and all.

some eats while there, we haven't stocked much of the cupboards there (nature valley bars, pb+co the bees knees, almonds, peppermint, ginger, chamomile herbal teas, a few bars, cinnamon...pruuunes***)

this one was my favourite discovery. i had not seen it before, but the letter inside a novel (the title wasn't something i knew and i can't recall it now though, sorry) is written by my grandfather, so my dad's dad, in 1942...i assumed it was him and after asking my dad about it, it seems to be to his sister who he called "toots", and judging by the date, he would have been in britain still during the second world war. it was before he was captured/prisoner of war so i guess he was just in the navy there...he mentions the cold weather, and a few other things. i thought it was really neat. i knew him up until age four when he died.

i went on a few walks, even a run once. the weather was really beautiful. a bit warm at times, im sort of not looking forward to the warmer weather to come :/ but this was nice.

***and i tried (i think anyway my first prune saturday. it was nice. not my favourite dried fruit, but someone mentioned it was like a large but not-as-sweet raisin and that's completely what i felt/or...tasted?....i tried another with plain yogurt and cinnamon life for a snack.

i feel a bit more motivated. i do know that i've said this before. but i have a thing for reflecting back, looking back, to my childhood and who i used to be. and it gives me more hope because i had dreams, and i still do. and i wasn't always okay, maybe less so than the average kid, and i had problems like i do now and like a lot of people do. but i was happy, and that's important. i want to get back to that, but i still need to move forward, because i'm much older, i have more responsibilities and i just need to get things "right" because what i'm doing now just isn't. i hope you're all doing well though, enjoying spring and yummy eats :P

lots of love, jennifer xox


  1. Ohmygosh, i LOVE madeliene, i used to read them as a kid :-)
    how amazing to find that letter, like a clast from the past.... my mum sells vintage clothes and sometimes we find old letters and stuff with them, its such an incredible feeling to see a little nippet of times gone by. that stuff fascinates me!

    hope your having a good week hun, take care

  2. thanks love :) i never usually find these things apart from my own "histories" like stuff i wrote from a long time ago, but i like that too xox

  3. im glad you had a good time at your cottage. I wish I could have went with you ;P it looks so cozy. Being reminded of the past can be so comforting & motivating to get back to how things used to be (happier). But like you said, still moving foward ... not backward. no regrets :)

  4. emily i wish you could have come too :) that's so true about the past, because its not just looking back to a happier time but it's you, so i think we should be the perfect model or aspiration for ourselves, it should be obtainable if its just a past version of us :P love you xox