Saturday, May 21, 2011

taste of nature

hey lovelies :):)

breakfast this morning, cold cereal :) mixture of shredded wheat, plain cheerios and a little bit of rice crispies (and they made noise too eee)...along with part of a banana, almonds, cinnamon&ginger, a ginger slice cut up and a bit of skim milk. eaten after a short run + shower, it's a bit hot out :/ not happy here. i guess its sunny but too warm for the season really.

this photo represents the cheerio aspect :D however mine were plain

i'm sort of getting into buying bars more, but they don't often sell them in packages so it's individual. which i don't like too much for certain reasons. and its expensive. i just get some now and then and spread it out, so its like a treat as they cost more than other bars from the store that i have purchased, sort of soft or granola type bars, different varieties. but ahhh i tried the apple one again not too long ago and it was so. good. honestly. the flavours it just tasted so yum. and i remember when i tried it the first time i thought it was sour and decided i might not like it again, but then i tried it maybe last year and realised that i liked the distinctive flavours, spices, appleee :) like apple pie i guess. although ours are just called "apple". they change them when they sell them here. so not only missing flavours but apple, not apple pie, same with cherry and pb and banana are just that, not bread or cookie. im pretty sure i've mentioned this on here baha im really exciting. i need to focus on other things, no? probably. psh whatever, but i just try to get a bit of joy from the little things if possible. honestly, because i'll always have something wrong, or bothering me and what not, thus...i just need to get excited about certain things :) otherwise its just all downhill.

my cinnamon-pb-banana oats :) wednesday's breakfast....

organic plain oats package, with banana, cinnamon and ginger,
half a peanut-butter larabar, cinnamon life and multigrain squares

ive had this ginger flavour 'taste of nature' bar which i mentioned a while back, a canadian company using organic ingredients. but ahh this flavour so so so good. its gluten free as well, and this particular one has very little in it, simple but with a strong ginger flavour. the ingredients here are pretty much ginger (with sugar to make it crystallized i assume) and crisp brown rice, agave syrup and a few nuts. and its not baked its cold-processed i believe, but they don't taste like raw or anything more like crispy i guess like when you make rice crispies, they set and i think it preserves certain nutrients. ahh i sound like an advertisement but im happy i found these! they sell them titled according to what is in it, so niagara apple or something is one, nova scotia blueberry( which i also had this week) uses rasperries and bluberries, i'm assuming from there. although they're not in season :/ so im not quite sure. they are coming out with an 'ontario' bar which uses organic ingredients all from local areas/farms. it has oats, honey, cherries, apples, cranberries, but all from farms around here. i hope they have it in certain stores soon i want to try it mmm :) and they have a canadian maple flavour. i think that's all for canadian themed ones...oh and a quebec cranberry one. the rest are like ginger caribbean (the one i have had), and like pistachio (mediterranean) and persian pomegranate something and a brazilian nut one. i think i've had that when i first discovered the brand. but otherwise ive just had 3 flavours i think.

my baby eve :) saying hello :P

on a side note i want to watch elle fanning's acceptance clip from the young hollywood awards, but i don't think it airs yet. but she cried. gosh she is seriously the more adorable thing, talented and ahh my god she cried :)

i've just been studying/working, planning for school and work, sort of organizing some things. not too exciting. i'm going up north for just a few days, so hopefully that's nice :) i can also get readings completed there i hope, and not be too behind or anything. i feel a bit more motivated than last term, and specifically the last year. in terms of school and such, not so much other things. i want to, like i see that i need to change things in order to achieve what i want...but getting there seems daunting. and the sad thing is that i can hardly even picture myself at where i would like to be. normally that's easy. but it's like that part of me hardly exists anymore, or i've been a certain way for so so so long that i can't see myself as anything else. which is awful i don't want to define myself with certain characteristics and what not that others see me as right now. but...yes i definitely need to work on that! i hope you're all doing well :P

xox much love love loveee


  1. You always have the best sounding cereals!

  2. aw thank you love hehe :) xox

  3. i'm glad you are still liking bars because I am sending you a package of them tomorrow, I promise ;P thank you for your comment. I loved it, and I did completely understand everything you were saying. it's nice to know that i am not the only one who doesn't know how to or feel comfortable talking about myself. and I do the same thing with over-thinking even my opinions on little things, like if I liked a movie or not. it definitely is a confidence thing, as you said.

    Im glad that you are feeling more motivated with school and work and everything. i'm sure you usually do all your work anyway, but feeling motivated makes it so much easier and less overwhelming. I feel the same way about not being able to really picture myself in the future, or what I want to accomplish. I have a vague idea of the things I want to do, and I know i need to do 'better', but other than that I have no idea how to change. but we will both get there :) just take everything one day at a time and just stay focused on the things you can do to get closer to your goals, and figure out other things along the way. and even if you don't exactly know what the goal you are working toward, just keep going forward. xxxx

  4. emily you. are. amazing. end of story :) xoxoxoxox