Sunday, June 5, 2011

give me some peace please

hey lovelies :):)

today's breakfast looked similar to the photo above from earlier this year, i had scottish oats with ginger&cinnamon and banana, almonds, multigrain organic squares...a few other things :)

how is everyone doing? spring has arrived. we had some pretty hot weather for a while and then, luckily, a cold front came. and i could do a morning run! :D but i think its supposed to get hot again, i mean it is june so i guess it's expected :/ why is this such an issue for me?!? gah. you know, i used to love this month. primarily because it was my birthday...but it was maybe since i lived a bit further north, it seemed cooler, sort of the end of winter, you could go outside without a jacket, out of the city it smelled lovely...and i was so happy, i guess school was ending. now it doesn't bring the same joy. but things can change i guess.

it might not seem like it, but i have been trying to 'branch out' in both eating and other things. i used to have salmon more often, and i had some the other night with my family :) along with brown rice and nice itty bitty baby carrots :P i had another lunabar yesterday afternoon for my pm snack, the last of my iced cinnamon raisin. i just want to call it cinnamon-raisin, the iced part sounds a bit icky to me. but i just had two in total, and now i can't get anymore until i go to the states...orrrr they bring them here. or maybe i just can't find them? is anyone in canada, and have you found that luna? it's trè
s yum.

i had fresh berries (raspberries and blackberries) for the first time in awhile, maybe just since last summer :P, a little while ago. along with a touch of dark honey, kashi go lean, cinnamon and natural 0% yogurt :) it sort of resembled this photo from simply*breakfast, although i don't believe i had almonds but those look divine :) and of course the berries in replace of blooob&strawberries

so my birthday is sort of soon. like 2-3 days...on tuesday. i will go home i think and have a family thing, well not a big birthday just a small celebration. i remember when i was younger i'd have a family one on the day usually and then a party on the closest weekend so i could have a sleepover. and i'd get a store bought cake for the family thing, and my mom would make one for my party. but i would always want a mixed one. something lighter and usually vanilla with an icing. the creamy type not the whipped butter like stuff at those stereotypical like bowling, or office/work parties, the rectangle things. and now i just ask my mom to make it always, from the mix not scratch and not bought either :P i dont know how long that will go on for, i guess it could be the last year soon. well maybe not i mean i will keep seeing them around my birthday for a while, even when i get a bit older. but i want a vanilla type flavour with vanilla icing. or the vanilla with like confetti things in it...i think its betty crocker. but i will see if she can sub oil, or part of it for apple sauce. but we will leave the eggs since that's important i think. hmm i hope it goes well. i want to help though, as i made a menu thing to have what i wanted, but i'd like to help prepare if i can :)

"banana-pb-spice oats":

quick oats cooked in water with banana, cinnamon&ginger (or my 'salt + pepper'), with granola and a bit of pb+co smooth operator.

i have these bananas to use up, and after seeing that i had the same flour as emily i thought, it must be a sign. and i must bake something. originally i was going to do a simple vegan banana bread, just because i don't have many ingredients and it was essentially bananas, flour, eh something else. but i might just alter the one on the back of bob to make a loaf/bread and add bananas in there. i don't know, i'll probably just switch a bunch of things and then it will be awful :P

i tried the cinnamon roll larabar, another that we don't have here but my parents got when they were in new orleans. i liked it. at first i thought it didn't taste like it's title...more like the apple with the absense of apple flavour. however near the end, possibly because of the cashews, i could taste the similar "dough" flavour of a cinnamon roll :)

i have been trying to do more yoga, it's something i used to rarely do, thought it was boring or just left it to someone else, as any activity i let myself do had to be cardio and yoga, to me at the time, was just like strething. but yes i was too too too wrong indeed. anywho i have really awful anxiety, and often yoga (esp this hatha yoga..) is just very calming. plus im so tight and not flexible. and i found the yoga download a while ago (i think i got the link from katheats) and introduced my mom to it, who does the same track. she calls it a drug :P i did it with her when we had our 'day' and it was nice. i don't have much space at my place and its hard to discipline esp if i have other things, but i must do it fullly once a week, then at my family house and just work from there. often i find myself simply playing the track its just 22 min or something, and it sounds really calming and i just like it.

until next time ;) xox


  1. Jen,
    Thank you so much for sharing that link to the yoga website. I have been looking for something like that. I love yoga but I have only taken one or two real classes ... unless you count weekly yoga while in the hospital ;P I am definitely going to try those videos.

    I hope all of your baking turns out well. Did you make the banana bread? And your cake will probably be fine with applesauce instead of oil. It has worked when I made that substitution in baking recipes, but it might stick to the pan. I know adding oil in recipes can be scary, but it is your birthday and you should enjoy your cake :)

    xx Emily

  2. emily :) you're welcome, the gentle hatha #1 has this uber calming soundtrack/music :P i think i might do the oil/a-sauce mix? i don't know if im going to make it though as im not at home now, and my mom might do it tonight. plus i guess im not supposed to tamper with my own cake :p thank you so much love xox