Tuesday, November 22, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

how are you beauties today :) its a bit chilly. actually, yesterday that was a bit of an understatement. i know its november, but its a bit shocking when it drops 15 degrees (celcius) day to day. however. much better than the heat, so i cannot complain, no i cannot :P

this morning's breakfast was pretty yum, a cold cereal mix. i used the last of my shredded wheat bites, along with plain cheerios, with 1/2 banana, tbsp almonds, dried cranberries, + skim milk. and sprinkled with cinnamon&ginger of course :)...with blackcoffee beforehand.

i was out for a short break/walk today (from work/intern stuff from my place, applications, nothing exciting really...i lead a boring life). i made it brisk as the wind was a bit harsh. i enjoyed some hot peppermint tea though, shortly after my return.

mine was actually a bigelow 'mint medley' (which is nice), but my heart still lies with this lovely company...i usually have the sleepytime, chamomile and peppermint in my cupboards. i have not found the holiday ones in canada...like the sugar cookie one or the gingerbread as shown here. hmm, does anyone wanna do a swap or something? that, or you could just send me some. :P teheee i kid.

i tried to calm down/de-stress (impossible) with breathing, stretching, yoga moves idk. im impatient. because i know the value of yoga but rarely take the time to do it properly. its a bad cycle, really :/

last evening, my brother put on this old dvd family video to show his girlfriend. she's nice though :P but anyway, i love watching those and i'm sure i've mentioned it a bit on here. but it was one largely composed of our music practicing, so just repeats of myself at the piano age 8 i think. or 9 but i feel like it was eight. i just feel sad looking at it, because i worked hard, i was determined, and carefree. i know i had a lot of worries, and ive always been an anxious child. but i just look at it and wonder 'what was she thinking at that moment'...and then i feel the need to apologize. to apologize to this girl, and warn her about the years ahead. "im so sorry, but you might have a bit of trouble coming your way in a few years"...i hate this, i feel like i've done something to her. even though she's me. i don't think she deserved to feel this way, and to experience pain, but i guess everyone does right? i mean childhood is often not nice. i was blessed with a family, comfort, a functioning mind and body. and my childhood, all-round (despite my own issues) was rather nice. i feel like i have trouble growing up, grasping that fact. dealing with my responsibilities in a positive, and not negative or destructive, manner. does this make sense? i hope im not just crazy. or worse...irresponsible, not prepared for life, unrealistic? that would be worse i think.

i was going to post a video. but then after recording...well, hm i'll leave it for another time. i've posted way too many, and i feel a bit odd about it. plus it was confusing, perhaps a bit too honest. i will leave you with a photo, just to say hello :P....

tada! first time trying this little thing :)

i thought it was like a luna...but then the vanilla flavour and texture was like a rice crispie...healthier maybe? idk it was with all organic and brown rice, gluten free, only a few ingredients. plus the inside of the box is filled with facts on wildlife and part of the sales go toward a related organization :) but it was a bit expensive.

im off to continue doing...things, ugh. i hope you are having a nice start to the week, and had lovely weekends.


love you all like pb&nananananer


  1. Hi Jenn :)

    I couldn't help but feel compelled to offer to send you some of the holiday teas from the U.S. when I read this post, because at the time, I was drinking the gingerbread spice with soy milk and it is truly divine! maybe we can do a foodie swap? :) I'm sure there are tons of healthy bars, etc. that are available in Canada and not in the U.S. (I'm on the east coast - in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia).

    Seriously - My local supermarket currently has the gingerbread spice, candy cane lane, nutcracker sweet, sugar cookie sleigh ride, and sugar plum spice.

    also - are there any luna flavors that you can't find in Canada? We always have a HUGE select at my store so let me know!

    It's difficult to find Larabar minis or Clif minis near me - maybe you can send me some? I like all flavors :) Also, I love these things called Kardea Bars, (http://store.kardeanutrition.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=46) but they're only in select stores here. Maybe you can recommend some Canadian health foods that aren't available in the U.S.? I'm kinda picky about calorie and carb content (eh...naturally :-/) but I'm sure you know what I mean and probably feel similarly.

    Let me know if there are any other things that you can't find in Canada and I'll let you know if they're at my grocery store :)

    E-mail me! luckymuffins@gmail.com

    - Alli

  2. ahhh sweet i will email you xoxox thank you for this lovely comment :)

  3. What is that bar you're holding up? I love Luna bars (the peppermint stick in particular) and I also like crispy things so you have me intrigued)

    as for yoga, I totally hear you... for years it felt like I was too competitive to do it, but I recently started getting into the bikram postures... and you know what? they've totally helped my mindfulness and are mega fun as they're more focused on balance

  4. I always prefer it when it gets chillier out! I’m intrigued by that tea company now, I know I’ve seen it about but never actually tried it… might have to this season.
    I know I have trouble seeing pictures of myself from when I was younger and actually believing it’s the same person, they just don’t match up in my mind currently. I completely understand you, on the struggling with growing up bit… I think for some people (me included) it just takes longer and therefore feels harder (if that makes any sense). Hope your day is lovely!


  5. Thank you both of you :) The bar is from Nature's Path Organics, one of their kids 'lines' called Envirokids, its crispie rice berry blast flavour :P the second one i had was not quite as good and seemed more dry/crunchy as opposed to chewy. i really want to do more yoga, one of my (many) goals aha.

    calla :) ohh gosh the best tea company out there imo :P i hope you have a lovely day too xoxox

  6. I just went to the store and bought some (the peanut butter kind) !

  7. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.

    I am such a fan of the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas. The sugar cookie one is my favorite. Haven't bought it in two years though! Maybe I will search for it next time I am at the market.

    And I happen to LOVE real Rice Krispies treats- give them a shot. Don't write them off because they're "unhealthy."

    Take care! Thank you again. I will be reading your blog :)

    <3 Karina

  8. ah karina thank you, and actually i just opened a rice crispies (just the cereal) and i like them, even though its white rice or whatever, its good :) thank you so much xoxox