Saturday, November 19, 2011

an update of the sort...

hey lovelies :):)

today will be quick...a little post. im feeling just, not so motivated. but i wanted to try something new. so i've explained thing in a little video, which makes little sense, and is boring, the usual :/

today is saturday :) tomorrow is sunday :) i ran today, did some work, organized and brother is away up north with my dad for the day. and i feel like i haven't done anything. i feel UN-accomplished (is that a word? probably not.) no matter what i do, i feel like im wasting time, wasting my day and my life. like im getting no where...

phewf. so that's that. i spend so so sooo much time today trying to fix the layout of this blog. and of like tumblr and everything, too long and i feel gross every time i realise how much time i wasted on things that do not really matter. in the grand scheme of things i mean. and it still looks awful. i want to center my header...and maybe change it since its not quite a header, more like an image. i don't know how to do that. and the colours and background and everything, i can't make it 'work' and its irritating me so much. but every time i try to fix it things get worse. so then i just get pissed off because i feel like im failing at everything. ugslkdfjsj. and honestly these things don't matter though do they? to me they do, the little things, it means a lot to me. and can sort of dictate the way my day goes, sometimes. but yes if anyone knows how to change those things please let me know

i hope you're all doing okay, and please let me know! i would love to hear from you all, you have no idea. its the simple things that please me, and make me happy :) i'm not sure where to go from here...


love you like banana&oatmeal


  1. Oh my goodness, changing blog layouts drives me NUTS. Seriously, you're not the only one!! I can never get mine just the way I want it and the HTML code is so confusing. I remember this one day last year when I was sick and laying in bed...I spent ALL DAY trying to change my blog layout to something new that I liked but I couldn't figure anything out. At the end of the day I just changed it back to how it was 0_o. Little things like that bother me a lot too...I always want stuff to look right and suit me and be perfect. Kind of a theme in eds, huh? :/

    When I saw your blog today I loved the new color scheme! It's so light and pretty!! I also have always loved your header, it's beautiful.

    The feeling of being stuck and not going anywhere in your life is so overwhelming. I feel the same way so life has become a cycle...I "recover," I relapse, I "recover," I's up and down and up and down and find myself never feeling like I get anywhere. It's so frustrating :/. I really can sympathize.

    Take care of yourself Jenn. You ARE worth self-care, whether you feel it or not!

  2. :) i know ahh kills me :/ i like yours though, and yes that whole 'trying to make it right'...the thing is i guess its relative much of the time. it has to be "right" for us...and never usually is. which is why it can get a bit...messy? thank you so much love xox