Saturday, December 3, 2011

one cold saturday in december...

hey lovelies :)

happy saturday, happy december third :)

this morning's breakfast was "banana-almond-oats" :)
plain Quaker quickoats microwaved with most of a very ripe banana, cinnamon&ginger,
raw natural almonds, topped with a few tbsp organic multigrain squares + a touch of skim milk
this is not mine, however it resembles it slightly...

because i don't have a camera with me at the moment, i will resort to using my old photos or ones that i find, occasionally (though i might get some hate if the photographer sees them, i always credit though!) and when i go home i can use my dad's nice camera, or find some batteries for my own little thing :P i hope that's okay, and that it will suffice...for now anyway. photography is something that i love and i want to continue taking a variety of photos and improve my (lack of) skill..

anyway, i was able to watch a bit of something fun before my run. i was raised with the notion that daytime tv was bad. even on the weekend, we never really were allowed to watch "cartoons" and what not. if it was a rainy day even...well sometimes we could see a film, but were encouraged to at least go out to see one, otherwise do something else, like reading. that's okay because i love to read. my brother doesn't really though, and only likes non-fiction things that he's interested in. honestly, just a few weeks ago he said he finished a book, and it's been years since he's read through one :P i didn't understand, i just don't see how he can live like that. the first two harry potter books that i now own, well they were his. his name is written in the top of the opened cover, and my grandmother had given them to him (she alwyas gave us books, along with money and what not, for christmas and birthdays) but he never finished, he didn't like the series :O thankfully, i came upon them after they were popular for a while, and enjoyed them. i came back a few years later to start reading the rest and loved them. and a year or so ago i decided to re-read them...and now i can't live without them...but the point of this huge paragraph, was that arthur was on tvo kids (a kids branch of the canadian network TVO) and i love arthur :P its on at like 8am on weekdays and 8:30 on weekends, and then 4 or something in the afternoon. well i keep missing it, and today i was able to catch a bit of it before leaving. honestly, best cartoon ever. that and family guy. i know they're polar opposites. i like the style of animation, it's basic but colourful. and it reminds me of family guy a bit.

tvo kids was something that i used to watch, for a while when i was younger i only watched it on friday afternoon and evenings, again we weren't allowed much tv. and i'd watch a few shows in a row. and when i started swimming more competitively my brother would tape them for me :P i still have one vhs of a few ytv and tvokids shows like arthur, magic school bus + my little planet...did that ever air where you are? i remember the theme song...

"cou-cou, cou-cou, cou-cou here i am? but you cannot, cannot, see me...cou-cou, cou-cou, cou-cou, look my way, listen to what i have to say: all of the stars in the sky, our planet is flying by..."

...and so on. :P too bad you can't hear the tune though, i should have included it below in my video, since my voice is so incredible. not.

i can't seem to find a clip on youtube, i guess its canadian. explains why it's not known. people think we're some odd foreign planet, well many americans do anyway :P "oh, yes. i'd love to come to canadaahhh". i don't mean that in a rude way, don't worry. i am probably ignorant when it comes to american terms and other nations in the world. i try not to be though...but its funny how often i hear people say (like americans who live close ish to me) how they want to come to canada, and they don't say a city or province, referring to the entire country even though we're like...right there. i think it would be weird if i said, "oh i want to come to america to visit"...since im close, i try to say a city or a state. anyway, i think im getting into a hole here, i hope you don't think im a bitch. but, im just sad i can't find that clip :/ it's a cute song. maybe this will do:

well that's all i have to say...:P i hope you're all enjoying the start to your weekends, and enjoying breakfast :) and what not. i need new breakfast ideas i think. i feel like mine lack the inspiration like those i see on your lovely blogs. see you soon :)


love jen <3


  1. tv wasn't big in my house growing up either... Though ironically I did watch a Canadian TV show.... Under the Umbrella Tree. Haven't heard of the one you mentioned though...

    I am a bad one to ask for breakfast ideas... I usually do a parfait of some sort, some form of granola, some oatmeal concoction, or banana soft serve

  2. oh gosh, I refer to Canada as the whole country ! I never realized how weird that sounds. I want to come visit you in Toronto :) thanks for pointing that out. I hope you had a relaxing day. I loved arthur too when I was little. Other shows I watched were Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Rugrats,and PB&J Otter. I don't think the show you mentioned was ever on tv here. Now I don't watch much tv either and I prefer reading.
    I hope you get a camera soon. I love your videos though. Your dress is really pretty <3 love you xx

  3. ah i've never heard of the umbrella tree :P sounds cute though. the one i mentioned was one of those little 5 min shows, in between other episodes, so it might have only been on for a bit. those type of shows change a lot. like theres this potato one that i noticed after arthur, like 5 min of these potato people singing in british accents, aha the tiny one is like 'smaaaall potatooo..' :/ now im embarrassed :P xox

    and emily i didn't mean it in a bad way! pb and j otter i think i sort of remember that, and barney, i was obsessed from like birth to age...way too old like ten? i loved barney so much. i have/had(?) baby bop and barney stuffed animals. and i remember my best friends third birthday party she had barney come, but he never spoke because i had a cold. but i think they did that because he wouldn't sound like the real barney or something? and thank youu its like a tunic i think its sort of short if i wore it without anything :P xox

  4. Oh I remember arthur! Growing up we weren't really allowed to watch tv (we are all mad readers in my family), but I'd watch arthur with my sister when I didn't have ballet! Your dress/tunic is so lovely! I hope your weekend was lovely!