Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oatmeal to warm the soul

hey lovelies :):)

this morning i awoke to frost outside, covering the cars, trees, and on the ground as i noticed on my little run :) i enjoyed a lovely breakfast after getting ready. and afterward some coffee while doing some work

plain oats with cinnamon&ginger, cooked with 1/2 banana, a small juicy prune, almonds
and topped with a touch of crystallized ginger, organic multigrain wheat squares and milk :)

how incredible is this melange?
i guess my breakfast today would be closest to the banana nut on the right ;)

maybe this can serve as my inspiration for oatmeal mornings to come :) the coffee cake looks yum, but i think it would be too sweet unless it was simply a crumbled ww muffin on top perhaps? otherwise, i might try to recreate something like the berry one or the pb+j (j for jam, we don't have jelly here except like odd stuff, and i don't like jelly, natural jams though are lovely)
; of course the blueberry one could be nice when they're in season. so i guess, july.

i finished off my prunes today; i bought this so long ago and they were lovely and juicy and fresh
kept in the fridge. i think it was my first prune package ever. i'd like to get them again :)
the last was used in my breakfast today, as mentioned above.

i've been attempting to post more often, and so far i've surpassed last months i think :P it's good for me to do this i think, and i do like to write. not always about myself, but oh well. i'm not sure what to write about, and i can't just talk about my day, as it's rarely good/exciting and part of it is work. which i can't really talk about, more for privacy/confidential reasons and what not. and im not really recovering i don't think, i feel odd posting about that. it's like i don't have a purpose and i'm not a good influence :P so why do i have a blog? oh i don't know :/ i started one because i had read so many lovely blogs, largely on ed recovery and also because i love breakfast, and people focused on lovely oats and cereal. but i've never shared much about my own struggles i guess. should i do that? i feel like i'll be judged, one way or another. but if i don't then i don't think i should be posting, you know? please be honest: is this blog pointless?

anyway, enough about that! gosh, negative nancy should be my nickname i think.

a breakfast from earlier this week at my house :)

plain instant Quaker oats, sliced banana, roasted almonds (not my favourite, i like the raw/natural best)
topped with shredded wheat, milk & a smidgen of pb+co
cinnamon raisin swirl. made without cinnamon or ginger as i was out ;( however the oats looked a bit more photogenic since they were lighter in colour

ohhh guess what???

okay, well i am getting a camera! actually. i might have it now. my dad is picking it up for me and he told me yesterday that he went to a local store with my mom, just researching some for me! sweet man :) but i was sort of choosing between a specific SLR, cannon or nikon. and the nikon was slightly cheaper, and i'm a bit more familiar with it as my dad has one and i loved to use it when he wasn't looking. i kid, he always looks. he's a bit over protective of his things, however i don't blame him as those things are expensive! i hope it will be a good purchase though, i was talking to him yesterday as he picked me up from work (not a typical thing btw but i was eating dinner at home and he offered to do so!) because i was freaking out about the cost, and i said...its a camera for life right? and he said, perhaps. but i will take such good care of it. im scared to take it out. maybe i'll keep my little digital for that. once i get batteries. its just that it eats them up in like three shots no joke :/

so i left you with some positive news i hope. unless something goes wrong. maybe i shouldn't have said anything. i'm sort of superstitious like that, and lately quite unlucky and negative. but i just need to arrange a one hour free (well, free when you pay for the camera of course :P) lesson with a girl at the store, and then i can begin to learn :)
im so excited!

i would love to hear about oatmeal recipes :) i might have asked this already but im doing it again. i love love love hearing about new ideas, and i love hearing from you. honestly it just makes me smile :) most of the time, anyway. i hope you're all doing well & moving along, keep going and stay positive. lots of love to you all.


love jen


  1. That is a fun little inspirational oatmeal picture! I’m trying to switch up my oats a bit more because there are so many options! I don’t really have any oatmeal recipes, it’s usually just a whim in the morning and whatever I’ve got on hand!

    And I don’t think your blog is pointless, it shows little pieces of yourself, your life and doesn’t have to show everything because people rarely ever see/understand everything unless you want them to… if that makes sense. Sorry this might be a smidge confusing! So, if you want to talk about your struggles, more personal things, I’d say go for it… I have a lot of respect for people who do so (since I’m not quite at that stage yet). But I guess whatever you are comfortable with is best.

    That is very exciting about your new camera! I can’t wait to see the upcoming photos with it! Take care!

  2. Interesting. Ive never seen someone put cereal on top of oats lol.

    I like mine plain with stevia and peanut flour!

  3. thank you calla, and i understand what you mean :) xox and thank you ^^^ it was only a few tbsp, and sort of soaked in the milk that was on top, so it was nice. fluffy oats underneath. i do that usually when i have less oats/a small package. ive never had stevia or peanut flour, but i don't use sweeteners or sugar usually in oats except from fruit and what not, i like it with banana as it sweetens it and adds that flavour.

  4. i love that oatmeal pic... makes me feel all breakfasty!!!
    i think its great that you are posting more. it keeps you on an upward motivation, i always find the more i blog the better i feel about stuff. its just a shame im always so busy!!!
    roll on xmas :-)

  5. jen, your blog is not pointless. you are free to write whatever it is that takes your fantasy, this is YOUR space.
    those oatmeal recipes at the top sound so divine :)
    i'd love to be able to challenge myself to them one day!

    i read all the time! good luck with the camera too, how exciting!!

    rhiannon xo

  6. aw thank you clemmy, and rhiannon xoxoxoxoxox we'll challenge ourselves to the recipes soon :P

  7. oh my gosh I love that picture! you always find such good pictures :) but Im excited to see the pictures you take with your new camera! yay. I know how long you have been wanting to get one. I love sun sweet prunes too I usually get their d'noir prunes. They're much better than the really dry kind.

    I think you should post more of what is on your mind. Thank you so much for being one of the only bloggers who can admit that to not actively trying to recover. I feel the same way, but I feel like i can't say that because people who read my blog would think that is bad. I mean, I want to recover. I am not trying to get worse or get more into my eating disorder etc. But I'm not in treatment either. Just in the middle, I guess. Just doing ok. I think your blog is a really good influence, I know for me it is. And being honest is something that everyone should find inspiring. Your blog has a purpose, you share your thoughts and stories about things you did, and things going on in your life, and tell about yourself and connect with other people. If thats not a "real purpose" then, basically my blog is pointless too ;P I think thats ok though. I think its better for your blog to not focus on one thing. Its much more interesting that way.

    I'm really excited to see some of your pictures soon. Thats so great they offer a lesson to tell you how to use your camera. I've never had a lesson :( I have had mine for a year and I still don't known how to use all the functions properly!

    As for oats, I don't really have recipes. I have a method for cooking them though, then I just add toppings. hm.. maybe I should do a post on this soon? love you xxo

  8. emily you said exactly what is on my mind. pretty much :P so thank you so much for understanding, love you xoxox and i think you should do a post, or like tutorial :)

  9. my mouth sort of dropped open a tish bit as I am an oatmeal fanatic (and for some reason haven't been letting myself enjoy it as of late) -- this makes me want to change that.