Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sad news, christmastime

hello lovelies :):)

i hate to start a post on a negative note, so i shall show you a breakfast from last week at home :)

cinnamon-raisin-banana oaties ;)
oats with cinnamon&ginger, natural raw almonds, 1/2 banananana; topped with the last of my "pb+co cinnamon raisin swirl", a few shredded wheat squares and a touch of milk

i'm trying to use natural light, the first one is with no flash but both required a lot of touching up.
i'm still working on my (lack of..) skill.

unfortunately, mt uncle passed away sunday evening. i was quite shocked; it was definitely expected but i think he just suddenly crashed that morning when he began having trouble breathing, which meant that the cancer in his bread was truly taking over. i always hesitate to hare so much about someone else, and worry that im invading my family's privacy. but i know im not mentioning any names, and my cousin was so proud of him, putting up a link on facebook of his obituary in the globe and mail (a key canadian newspaper).

the private burial is today (which im meant to attend) and the funeral itself is on friday. i thought they were going to wait until after Christmas for that portion (partly because most of his family is from the states) but i guess my aunt and cousin want to deal with this before Christmas. and that's understandable.

i made these a few days ago :) they filled the house with a gingerbread & spices smell which was wonderful

i love ginger so so much :) i made a few slight changes, and put less flour as they were quite dense the last time. i think i added more molasses but it worked out well, they're quite sweet but the recipe originally calls for less sugar (probably because i increased the molasses :P)

to brighten the post, lighten the mood, here is something festive to show, having a bit of fun with my new camera, just amateur photos though, i'm not a professional :P

im sorry i couldn't cheer anyone up. i hope the next time we talk i can be happier :)
if Christmas comes before that, then merry Christmas to you all

love, jen


  1. Jen, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. That is always rough, *hugs*

    Ginger and molasses in muffins sounds very yummy, I don’t think I’ve ever made such a thing (though I did add ginger to banana muffins I just made)… but I think I shall have to try the molasses and ginger one day.

    Take care and I hope things cheer up for you soon. xxx

  2. mmm, I am going to have to make some of those muffins, they sound quite yummy ; )

    I am so so so sorry about your uncle. I know he is in a better place watching over all of you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers *hugs!*

  3. thank you so much, both of you: i really appreciate your comments :) xox

  4. Hi Jen. I'm really sorry to hear about your uncle. :( The muffins you made look really yummy! I have always wanted to try molasses in my baking. I hope you have a nice Christmas despite everything else.

  5. hey stephanie :) thank you so much xox