Friday, January 6, 2012

larabars & baking days :)


hey lovelies :):)

happy birthday to my lovely daddioo :)

he's getting up there, but looks pretty good for sixty-one, i have to say ;P don't tell anyone his age though, okay? he's quite sensitive about his age...but if i were him i'd be telling everyone how old (young) i was, i don't think people are 'old' until maybe ninety-five or so, i just can't think of my parents being 'old" & probably never's just too weird, really. (plus it means that im getting older, which i find very difficult to accept...) but anyway, i must remember to call him today, otherwise i'm in trouble...

so, today it's about six degrees above freezing. odd. i went for a run, and the contrast between this and last time (tuesday, minus twenty something...) was pretty extreme. i enjoyed a bowl of warm oats, but i'll spare you the recipe as it's very close to last time, if not exact :) supposed to be baking my dad a cake tomorrow ;) i hope so, anyway, with my mom. now, she always looks at lists and recipes and directions in an anal fashion (sorry but the word fit well here) & i'm, well lately anyway, sort of the opposite. between the two of us we take like 5 hours to make something i kid you not. i hope it goes faster though as the cake won'e get a chance to cool properly! :o ohh the horror. then we can ice it, decorate & serve it with some ice cream, a la mode as they say. vanilla :)

my dad has requested a chocolate cake s'il te plais, jennifer. (he asked in english though). and i know its not fair to make something that i would want. i don't think anyone would wan that :/ so this is for my dad. i might try a bit, but (for reasons other than ohhh chocolate/cals/etc) it would maybe sort of ruin my stomach. but i want to try a bit anyway, especially if i help make the damn thing :P it's a recipe from 'fannie farmer’; (nick-named fattie farmer) which is an old book. she has many 'treat' reccpes, were using just the old traditional thing, like butter and what not, produces lovely things :) but her everyday recipes a really heavy in my opinion. i remember only having one as a kid. her macaroni and cheese. with the bread-crumb topping. do you know what i mean? i loved it. later on we had it and i was shocked at how filling it as (and at the ingredient list) but my mom usually used recipes from anne lindsay cookbooks which ive mentioned before. more 'lighthearted' & healthy :)

part of today's morning snack :) this was a new flavour of those envirokidz organic nature path bars (peanit choco drizzle) which had a yummy pb flavour with peanuts in it along with the crisp brown rice. but, although the chocolate was nice, i would prefer it without too if they could do that :) i checked the website, and they have a flavour like that. but i haven't yet found it :(

anyway, lately i've been trying more bars. mostly ones from a while ago, or as gifts & treats as they're a bit expensive.

i like these :) i just love the packaging, and some of the flavours are quite nice. often though its a bit too much nut/fiber? (im not sure) for me, but i can sometimes have like half with oats, and the rest later. i've tried all the flavours i believe except the cherry tort, cookie dough, and old flavours/discontinued (they don't sell those here)...and for what's sold in canada, just the coconut one. so i might pick that one up soon :P i'm not a huge coconut fan, but since its with dates, i think i might like it. is it good???

for a while i kept saving the wrappers to make some sort of collage, since the colours are so pretty and bright. but then i just threw it out aha :P i might start collecting again though. i like the jocolat wrapper, and still have mine from last time. my favourite ones are the apple, pb, pb+chocolate chip, and also i've tried the chocolate chocolate-chip (i know its called chocolate brownie or something in the us right?) which is odd as i normally don't like the chocolate ones, but i had it during the summer and it was humid at my cottage, so i was worried that it would spoil and kept it cold in the fridge, so it was just like a lovely dark chocolate brownie piece and very firm...and i love the walnuts.

oh, yesterday i had my unplanned, unscheduled, scary work/internship day :) it wasn't too long though. we were somewhat successful, and i got a few things done. well, off i go to call my papa ;) i hope you're doing well & i'll talk to you later loves




  1. lol how much do i love you for the saving larabar wrappers/colorful/collage comment? sounds exactly like something i'd do. :P

    happy birthday to your dad ! tell him not to worry my dad has him beat by 3 years. last year i sung my dad the "when i'm 64..." Beatles song on his birthday hehe :D

  2. Thank you for your comment :D It was so kind and thoughtful. And I know how it is to feel old but look young... or that by looking so young, you are somehow inadequate/unqualified for adulthood. But when we are your dad's age, we will also look amazing ;)

    Just remember for your dad's birthday/cake: it is only ONE meal, ONE slice of cake. So make it the best you can for him, and enjoy it to the fullest!

  3. Ok first of all i have a question, do you like to be called Jen or jennifer or...Jenny, or something else?
    Omg I'm the same, I've never had a larabar because they don't sell them here :( but i have always loved the packaging! its a bit retro looking or something.
    Goodluck with the baking! Im a horrible baker, literally the only thing i can do is granola...:)
    oh and, love your blog as usual :) xxxxx

  4. Saving the larabar wrappers reminded me of someone I know who did the same thing with cliff bar wrappers! She actually made them into magnets and has them on her fridge! It's quite a cool idea, though I think the larabar wrappers are better looking! :) Happy Birthday to your dad! I hope he enjoys the cake (and I hope you enjoy a little as well)! xxx

  5. ohhh i love comments :) im so happy right now because of all of you ---> :D

    chandra i will let him know :P and i seriously want to make this huge collage of them.

    mitri, your writing really is amazing, and yea about the age, the thing is like i don't look young, i mean my face/skin is probably old-looking and i'll be wrinkly but just short when im his age.

    and i like anything for my name but i guess most people call me jen :) i know i keep changing when i sign.

    oh my gosh that sounds incredible calla :) xox

  6. I used to do that too! With the Larabar wrappers. Good that makes me slightly more normal that someone else collects them too. :) ha
    Have you tried the PB&J kind? That kind is the best! Also the chocolate chip cookie dough one. Ya pretty much they're all good.

    1. haylee!!! yes i've tried that. but something about the cherries makes it sour. i guess because here a pb+j is jam and not jelly, so maybe if they had raspberries instead of cherries :P i love the regular pb and just tried the cookie dough, i don't like the cashew cookie but the only difference was salt and chocolate chips and it seemed so much better :) xox